Best dressed at the library: Midterms edition

Who doesn’t dress like they’ll meet the love of their life on the fourth floor

We’re at that point in the semester where students are desperately applying for extensions, the library mask police are prowling the crowded library floors, and temperatures are rising to a balmy nine degrees (as opposed to five).

While most people are heading to study (or let’s be honest, stare out the fourth floor window and contemplate life) wearing the respectable trio of a puffer, massive jeans and a tote bag, a hardy few braved George Square in something a bit more fun. After all, who says impending deadlines have to put a damper on style?

Here’s what some students are currently wearing to Edinburgh’s Main Library. If you’re wondering why there aren’t many men featured, we are too – come on guys, it’s not hard to put on something besides blue jeans and a quarter zip.

I can’t lie this looks freezing, but it’s worth it for the chic-secret-history-teacher-core

The perfect accessory? A Nile Valley wrap

These two were brother and sister, and honestly matching scarves is a sure sign of a healthy sibling relationship

A bright scarf a day keeps the deadline anxiety away

CompSci student, but in a cool way

I mean we all came to Edinburgh Uni for the dark academia vibes, so might as well dress accordingly

Is this the beginning of the 2014 Tumblr/art hoe resurgence?

The carrot ties it all together in my opinion

The Edinburgh Uni winter outfit dichotomy: are you a coloured scarf or black puffer person?

They’re in their Red era

I wonder how long it took to get this impeccable ‘I just rolled out of bed’ look

Adding some sunshine to the dreary atmosphere

When you have an Art History seminar at 11 and the races at 1

How put-together I aim to be

Best flares we saw of the day (and we did see a fair few pairs)

Comfy chic is the way to go

The coat, the skirt, the patterned top? I just know she shops at Armstrongs

If only we could all look this effortless for our library study sessions

Layers are needed when the library goes from being as hot as the Sahara desert to as cold as a Marchmont student flat

I feel like they’re each dressed like they’re going to a different event (or library floor?) but I’m here for it

I didn’t know Harry from Mamma Mia went to Edinburgh Uni?

Someone play Waterloo

Making the trek to the Main Library in the height of midterms is hard enough with the brutalist architecture and cold winds, so shoutout to the people whose outfits add a little colour and brightness to our study sessions— your style efforts are much appreciated.

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