Here’s a round up of Edi’s best dressed at The Races 2022

You’ve probably already seen the fits from the Instagram flood that followed


Second semester is in full swing and last weekend saw the social event of the season, the Invades horse races.

For those who don’t know what the races entails, just picture Musselburgh race course flooded with hundreds of yahs, mullets, pinstripes and tweed. So, basically a Pollock day out.

The Edinburgh Tab headed out to Musselburgh on the day to round up some of Edi’s best dressed, and let’s just say you did not disappoint.

Here are the best fits from the day:

Suede coat, daddy’s flat cap, cashmere scarves and a pinstripe suit. This dapper duo is definitely fresh out of Pollock

The only one not wearing a flat cap and we are so here for it

Pop of colour amongst the many shades of green and brown tweed. We love everything about this outfit

Found this matching blonde duo in the sea of pinstripes

Ready to let their mullets down and have a whale of a time

Not even Storm Malik with his Baltic winds was gonna stop these t

Shelby brothers ready to stir up Musselburgh

Trousers as low as my bank balance after betting half my student loan…

‘Rah cute hat’

Barbour and tweed. A proper Hampshire lad

Smiles all round from these two

No words needed. Hands down the best dressed

Where’s the suit from? Asking for a friend x

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