Here’s a roundup of the best dressed in Edinburgh’s Main Library right now

Because we’ve all gone to the lib just to show off an outfit before

As exams and deadlines approach, the race to bag a window seat gets more and more intense, considering the limited five hours you have to actually enjoy the daylight. This leaves most of us stumbling to George Square in the largest coat and scarf we own.

However, some Edi students are heading to the main library in flare donned droves – and of course dressed to the nines while they’re at it. 

It’s simply a fact that George Square transforms into London Fashion Week during finals season, and while you may aim to spend your library session writing essays and watching lecture videos on 1.5 speed, it’s too easy to get distracted in the name of style. After all, there’s really nothing like the rush you get from walking across the fourth floor to show off that cool coat you just got from Depop. 

Last week we scouted your library fits, and here are some of our favourites. Shout out to the people who go the extra mile – and especially the international students who come in their best business wear no matter what.

Forget going to the Christmas Market together – anyone want to match hats this winter?

Twinning is winning

When each person in your friend group has a different aesthetic but you all make it work.

The caseless laptop makes the fit

Because international students humble us all with their outfits.

Incoming member of Donna and the Dynamos from Mamma Mia

Peaky Blinder or Ebeneezer Scrooge chic. The fact that those are posters for a jungle night says it all really.

Somebody call Vogue

A coat like this that can double as a pillow is needed for when we eventually resort to library all-nighters! Dibs on sleeping in the study pods.

A comfy fit is needed to survive the grim atmosphere of George Square

Really giving “off to work on my classics essay” energy.

Fourth floor window seat vibes

Someone got the colourful accessories memo! Props for adding some brightness to the library’s jail-like colour palette.

Just look at that contrast

What would an article on Edi fashion be without Doc Martens and flares?

Bonus points for the puffer coat

Friends who go to the library together dressed in similar colour schemes stay together. 

Tote, scarf, and oversized jacket all very peak Edi

Spreading the festive deadline cheer

Merry exam-mas

Because where would an Edi girl be without her signature tote? 

Can a tote really hold everything needed for a library study session? Probably not but it’s in the name of style

If your coat isn’t two sizes too big, do you even go to Edinburgh Uni?

Also doubles as a blanket for when the library heat just doesn’t cut it

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