The students have spoken: it’s time to crown our Edi BNOC WINNER 2020

Let’s crack open a Tennent’s to celebrate

We’ve spent the last few months trawling the nation to find all the weird and wonderful BNOCs this city has to offer. With three rounds of marvellous contenders, excellent nominations and bizarre stories, we finally have our winner.

The votes have been counted and verified, and we proudly present Edinburgh’s biggest BNOC 2020, Iain Wallace.

Meet this year’s BNOC (Iain, not the dog)

Iain narrowly scraped victory with just a handful of votes more than runners up Angelina and Jonathan. However, with over 40 per cent of the vote, Iain prevails and is now crowned our winner.

It’s no wonder Iain managed to snatch the glory, he’s practically the brand ambassador for Tennent’s. Remember when EUSA removed Tennent’s from Teviot and someone started a petition to bring them back that was so successful EUSA had no choice but to listen to what the people wanted? Yep. That was him. A true legend, we stan.

Iain also played his part in keeping Scottish beef in business by campaigning for the continuation of beef sales at Teviot. Udderly wonderful, and makes him worthy of the gold medal.

Iain’s also a keen curler and when faced with a fancy dress curling match, Iain decided to take it to the next level and played in a crop top cheerleader’s uniform. He won the match, although some would argue that his body counts as play interference…you decide!

The Edinburgh Tab spoke to Iain about his latest, and arguably proudest, achievement.

How does it feel to be crowned Edinburgh’s biggest BNOC and how will you be celebrating?

Amazing! Well after work I think I’ll definitely be cracking open a can of tennents to celebrate.

What are you plans for next year? Will you still be in Edinburgh?

Sadly no, I’m working full time on the family farm just now in Dundee. Will definitely be coming down for Big Cheese once it starts again though!

And there we have it folks, the competition has been drawn to a close. Why not crack open a Tennent’s yourself in true Iain style and toast to next year’s contest. Bring on 2021 and all its wonderful BNOCs, maybe the next title could be yours?

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