Boris Johnson, Normal People, and technical difficulties: Edinburgh Goes Zoom Dating is here!

Love in the time of corona

At this point in the lockdown, watching other people’s lives and judging them just isn’t hitting like it used to. We’re all way past the Love is Blind phase, and let’s be honest, Too Hot to Handle was done almost as soon as it started.

Well, we’ve heard your prayers, and The Tab is here to save you … Edinburgh Goes Dating: Zoom edition is finally here!

Here’s a quick reminder of how it works: based on answers to our totally scientific compatibility questionnaire, we set up single Edinburgh students on COMPLETELY blind dates via Zoom. After the date, we ask them how it all went, and most importantly, whether another one is in the cards.

So, if you’re craving the drama, intrigue, and pure entertainment of watching other people put themselves out there in the hopes of finding love, look no further.

Tommy, 4th year Vet Med and Lana, 3rd year Architecture

Tommy is a huge football fan who is looking for an artsy girl up for a laugh. Lana is an artsy girl looking for someone to go out with her rather than stay in. Do these two paint a perfect picture? Or did their date miss the goal?

How was the date? Did you have a nice time?

Tommy: I did like the date! It was different to any experience I had had before as it was virtual but she was chatty and friendly and we got on well so all in all a good experience and a fun time.

Lana: It was a good laugh getting to know a complete stranger over a Zoom call. Definitely different to an in person date as there was a time limit but lovely nonetheless.

How was it using Zoom? Easier or harder?

Tommy: It was definitely a much different experience and maybe didn’t feel as much like a date. I managed to put a reasonable top on but had trackies and slippers on too (out of shot!) so it felt like much less pressure and was chilled.

Lana: I would say harder because you can’t really tell if they are genuinely interested of just looking at the screen.

Was your date your “type”?

Tommy: I would say Lana is very much my type so congratulations to your matchmaking team! Lockdown boredom made me shave my hair off so I worry what Lana thought of me!

Lana: Considering my type is usually boys who grew up in Aberdeen, no, but he does seem funny and very sweet.

How about a second date?

Tommy: I would definitely be up for seeing (speaking to?) Lana again, whether on Zoom or in person when we can go outside again!

Lana: I think it would be nice to meet Tommy in person as it is difficult to talk over Zoom to a stranger, but I am unsure if it would be romantically.

Sophie, 2nd year Politics and Sociology and Chloe, 2nd year Medicine

Sophie would like someone politically involved but honestly isn’t fussy. Chloe on the other hand wants someone adventurous, open-minded and up for DMCs. Does Sophie have Chloe’s vote? Or does Chloe’s adventure stop with Sophie?

Did you enjoy the date?

Sophie: I did. I think the conversation (bar the one second delay caused by my crappy WiFi) flowed really well but possibly would’ve been better in person.

Chloe: Yeah it was really fun! It was a little strange being on Zoom rather than in a bar or something but I enjoyed it none the less.

Were there any awkward moments?

Sophie: Soooo many technical issues!! At the start neither of us could hear each other for about five minutes before we managed to fix it so we were just awkwardly laughing and messaging each other in the chat box. Also my WiFi kept cutting out.

Chloe: We couldn’t get the sound working for the first 10 minutes or so (I say “we” – turns out I forgot to allow microphone access for Zoom on my laptop).

Would you go on a second date either in person or virtually?

Sophie: I would for sure! We got on really well so I think an in person date (when this is all over) may be needed to see if it’s as friends or something more.

Chloe: Maybe! We’ve been chatting a little since the Zoom date and talked about having tinnies on the Meadows once lockdown’s over, but I can see it being more friendly than romantic from my perspective.

Stuart, Masters in carbon management and Caroline, 3rd year Physical Education

Stuart is looking for a girl who is passionate, intelligent, and does interesting extracurricular activities. Caroline on the other hand wants someone who’s athletic and can make her laugh. Did they keep each other interested? Or is Caroline just passionate about not wanting a second date with Stuart?

Was it a good date? Did Zoom make it better or worse?

Stuart: Date was good, and chat was good, can’t beat Scottish accents. To be honest I thought it would be harder but neither of us had done it before so it actually gave us another thing to chat about.

Caroline: Yeah I definitely had a good time. It was definitely a very different experience but think us both being chatty helped.

Weirdest/most uncomfortable moment of the date?

Stuart: I changed my Zoom name to Boris Johnson for a quiz last week. I forgot to change it back for the date and didn’t realise. When she saw that Boris Johnson wanted to join the call I think she either thought I was a massive Tory or had entered a cabinet meeting.

Caroline: Probably when I first came onto the call and my microphone wasn’t working so had to leave the call before coming back on and think he thought I’d was just ditching the date. We laughed about it later thank god.

Was there a spark? Will there be a second date?

Stuart: I didn’t really feel a romantic spark. Not quite as saucy as Normal People I’m afraid. I prefer dates in person and considering the lockdown, I don’t think that’s going to be happening anytime soon. So at the moment I’m quite happy just being friends.

Caroline: Don’t know if there was a spark but then again can you tell something like that across Zoom? If he asked I’d consider it when this is all over.

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