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An Edinburgh Uni student is taking part in the Great British Bake Off this year

Your lockdown banana bread could never

Top Scottish historian condemns decision to rename DHT: ‘He was a man of his time’

“The current Principal should hang his head in shame”

The Edi main library is opening on Monday and here’s how it’s going to work

University study spaces will be open at 20-25% capacity

Stop buying clothes from charity shops just to re-sell them on Depop

You’re doing more harm than good

Masks, queues and 7 pm lectures: here’s what Edi Uni will look like in September

The University will continue to follow Scottish government guidelines

Hive is re-opening and the world makes sense again

Time to dust off the sambuca bottles

David Attenborough wrote a letter to Edinburgh Zoology students and it’s the best thing since Blue Planet

He took time off writing his next book

Students will be ‘strongly encouraged’ to wear masks at uni, says email from VP

Several uni buildings are set to be open

These are all the different shots of Edinburgh in Netflix’s Eurovision film

Complete with Atik’s rainbow dance floor

Interview: Nayna Florence on how she’s turned the Edinburgh aesthetic into a YouTube career

Chilly’s water bottle not included

Plantation doctors and the birth of racist science: Edinburgh University’s colonial history

“This was all built at the expense of black bodies”

Edi students write open letter to VC demanding solidarity with POC students

The petition has 2,000 signatures and counting

Edinburgh students can now get money back if they were affected by strikes

Students could be eligible for up to £250

Edinburgh tuition fees to remain the same despite decrease in face-to-face teaching

Edi claims the quality of education will be the same

‘Woke up with no tooth and no memory’: Edinburgh students tell us their wildest nights out

“I got stretchered out of Big Cheese and put on morphine.”

Edinburgh law students told exams likely to be online in December

One effect of the new “hybrid” model of teaching

Boris Johnson, Normal People, and technical difficulties: Edinburgh Goes Zoom Dating is here!

Love in the time of corona

Edi Uni campus will be open in September, Vice-President confirms

There will be a mix of online and in-person teaching

‘Diss girl is on fire’: Edi’s best virtual dissertation submission pictures

No uni? No problem!

Atik has made a Sims version of Atik Edinburgh and it’s everything

It even has the rainbow dance floor

Bored in the house? Sign up for Edinburgh Goes Dating: Zoom Edition!

Zoom Zoom Zoom, I want you in my room.

Pick an Edinburgh landmark and we’ll tell you what you miss most about uni

An exact science

Loss of international student fees threatens free tuition in Scotland

Unis are already facing financial losses

Every type of annoying person you’ll encounter in a Zoom seminar

It’s a brave new world

Here’s everything girls should have been taught about their bodies in school

There’s so much more to being a woman than what you learn in class

Edinburgh University to remain open despite increasing panic over coronavirus

As of right now, classes are still on

Is love really blind? Sign up for another round of Edinburgh Goes Dating!

Better than a Netflix original series

Edinburgh Clubbers of the Week: Feeling alive in Week Five

Snow much fun!

Unpopular opinion: I wish Edi had more uni contact hours

Six a week isn’t enough

Clubbers of the Week: Week 11

No uni, no problem

UTIs, soggy biscuits and forgetting names: Edinburgh Goes Dating is back!

You know you missed it

My Amazon account was hacked and I almost lost £2,000

Moral of the story: change your passwords!

Want to actually get your deposit back? Here’s how…

It all starts now

Edinburgh Clubbers of the Week: Week two

Week two what’s new

Struggling to find a flat in Edinburgh this year? Here’s why

There’s a new system and it’s affecting everyone

Clubbers of the Week

It’s that magical time again

All the things you know when your flatmates are your best friends

It’s the best of both worlds

We asked Edinburgh Uni why they wait so long to release our exam diets

It supposedly benefits us students

A comprehensive list of the best coffee shops in Edinburgh

Get your caffeine on

Caffè Nero to replace 24 hour Scotmid on Nicolson Street

Forever in our hearts, Scotmid

‘It’s almost inaccessible because of how long you have to wait’: What it’s really like using the Edi mental health services

‘I was very aware that the only reason I got help so quickly was because I was so mentally unstable’

Stop using library study pods if you’re by yourself

You are the worst kind of person

From three-kilo nachos to jackfruit: I tried all the best vegetarian meals in Edinburgh

Eat less meat!

Why is it so hard for students to recycle in Edinburgh?

Sustainability shouldn’t be difficult

I went to Hive completely sober – but was it worth it?

Tbh probably not

Street Style: George Square’s Best Dressed

Will these style gurus continue to pull through when exam season hits?