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More transphobic stickers have been found outside the Edinburgh Uni library

The stickers claim ‘women don’t have penises’

More transphobic stickers have been found plastered around the University of Edinburgh campus, in the wake of the consultation on the Gender Recognition Act, which, if reformed, will make it easier for transgender people in the UK to change their legal gender.

Stickers stating the dictionary definition of "woman" as "adult human female" and declaring "women don't have penises" have been pasted onto the sign outside the main library.

Similar stickers and flyers have been found in Edinburgh recently, as well as on uni campuses in Liverpool and Southampton.

It is unclear who is responsible for the transphobic material, though in other cities the actions have been attributed to radical feminist campaign groups against the proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act.

Many of the stickers have now been torn off

In a statement posted on Facebook this month, EUSA Vice President Welfare Kai O'Doherty stated: "The Students' Association is a place for all. All forms of harassment and discrimination are unacceptable. This includes materials which promote transphobia. Any incident of harassment or discrimination is a serious matter which will be dealt with through disciplinary action, and materials removed."

Any similar stickers seen around campus can be reported to the local council or [email protected].

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