Transphobic stickers found in toilets on campus

The stickers were first reported to the Students’ Union last night

Transphobic stickers reading "women don't have penises" have been discovered in the toilets near The Cube in the Union.

After being found at 6pm last night, the president of FemSoc, Fleur MacInnes, tweeted a picture of the stickers this morning, writing: "This is disgusting; transphobia will not be tolerated on campus. This is hate speech."

Fleur then asked students to "please let someone know if [they] see any of these stickers (either sabbatical officers, me, etc)".

The Union President, Emily Dawes, also tweeted: "Bit of sad news: if you see any transphobic stickers up around/in our bathrooms, please take them down and report the location to either myself or SotonVPWelfare so we can follow this up further. Transphobia is not tolerated here."

Emily told The Soton Tab: "A student brought me a sticker last night and that was the first time I had been made aware of it. I have tweeted out that if anyone finds one they should flag it up immediately but I will pick up a more formal process at the start of next week".

The Southampton LGBT society soon retweeted Emily's tweet, saying: "The University and SUSU is a diverse community that prides itself on acceptance of people of all gender and sexual identities.

"Transphobic language and hate speech has no place on our campus and we would urge anyone who sees these images to report them,"

They followed this with: "Every student has a right to #ExpectRespect on campus. Our welfare officers remain available as always if you have any concerns".

People have also warned others to be careful when removing the stickers in case of sharps underneath, advising people to use debit cards instead.

A student named Daisy said: "I found this sticker yesterday and…I was disgusted and so, so angry…I took a photo as proof it was there and removed it with a debit card in case of sharps underneath the sticker. Stay safe and keep an eye out."

If you have any further information about these stickers please get in contact with us confidentially by either messaging us on Facebook or emailing [email protected]

The Soton Tab have reached out to the University of Southampton, the SU and the LGBT Society for comment.