The Tab Edinburgh’s biggest highlights so far

What an epic term

This has been a truly stellar semester for The Tab Edinburgh.

From breaking readership records to achieving 2000 Facebook likes, we’ve gone from strength to strength.

Here are a few highlights.

Best Love Story

An anonymous Edinburgh student matched with an All Black rugby player on tinder.


Despite scrum half Aaron Smith’s invitations to his hotel room, the Edinburgh girl declined because he- at 5”7- was too small for her 6”1.

Still a better love story than Twilight. Kill me.

Most Inspiring

In recognition of Kim Kardashian’s contribution to feminism and global culture generally, we launched a campaign to get her elected as Rector of the university.


It is only fitting that such an icon joins a list with members as esteemed as Winston Churchill and Gordon Brown.

Chancellor’s rise to fame

The place everyone loves to hate has given us great article fodder this semester.

Looks just as shit as anywhere else on a cold, autumn evening

Looks just as shit as anywhere else on a cold, autumn evening

It was found Chancellor’s Court residents were being charged £168 for the removal of a banana stain from the carpet.

We also discovered that most people think Chancellor’s is “shit” and full of poshos.

If this is true, then surely the £168 will barely make a dent in the rahs’ Belvedere stash.

It seems you guys also love seeing photos of you and your friends off your tits in clubs with our Clubbers of the Week features receiving hundreds of shares.

The Tab Edinburgh features regularly in the top ten Tabs for readership daily and weekly so the future’s looking bright.


We’ll be bringing you the best chat from around the campus so make sure you keep up with Edinburgh University’s favourite paper next semester too.