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Ed Campbell
Edinburgh University


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A deep dive into this year’s EUSA Election videos

An in-depth analysis

This is Edinburgh’s best building and you’ve probably never heard of it

Lucky you if you’ve got your tutorials there

Bristo Square is finally open again

And guess what, the skaters are already back

Everything you’ll miss about Edinburgh on your year abroad

It’s not just the Big Cheese but it may as well be

Why everyone should go to Zante at least once

Drink as much as you want in Aussies for just €10

Where to eat in Edinburgh before you die

Say goodbye to that beach body

Vote held to remove SU officer from meeting for ‘shaking her head aggressively’

In the same meeting she raised her hand, which also breaches safe space rules

People and Planet protesters occupy Old College

They’re at it again

Get to know your new EUSA President: Alec Edgecliffe-Johnson

He loves Bongos

EUSA caught up in firestorm over referendum changes

How are you supposed to pronounce UESU?

How to deal with your Conservative parents

They have not the hopefulness of youth

Second year guesses Beyoncé pre sale tickets password

You crazy for this one

The University has issued over 80 drug warnings to freshers in the last two years

Stop dealing in Pollock

Lecturers asked to snoop on Education students’ struggling finances

Staff claim nothing untoward has taken place

We were flown to Texas for a space travel competition

Edinburgh were one of two European teams selected

Meet the second-year who had a stroke at 18

She’s raised over £1000 for Stroke Awareness

Edinburgh research says health and intelligence are linked

Edinburgh has all the science

New Town amongst Scotland’s burglary hot spots

Should have lived in Marchmont

Spiked’s ‘free speech rankings’ have missed the point

Free speech is not the same as ‘I can say what I want’

It’s cheaper to drive home to London than get the train

Because all Edinburgh students come from London

Reid all about it: Exeter fresher has Fives nightmare

Silly fresh

Why EUSA needs its safe spaces policy

Don’t sign the petition

Richard Dawkins backs Edinburgh free speech petition

Right now it has over 300 signatures

Man charged in Greyfriars rape

It was a 41-year-old man from London

French Society held a memorial for Paris attacks outside 50 George Square

‘We wanted to show our support’

WW2, funding tensions and mountain treks: A conversation with PonySoc

Feed the pony

There’s going to be a whole book about Library Cat

It’s about time

Nearly half of Edinburgh girls have been sexually assaulted

Three quarters of you think lad culture is a problem at uni

Team of the week: Meet the ladies of lacrosse

Sometimes they superglue each other to Rugby boys

I miss the JMCC and want my meal card back

Plain pasta has taken its toll

Edinburgh smashes world rankings… again

It’s getting a little boring, eh?

We sent a clueless American to the varsity and she had no idea what happened

What’s rugby?

EUSA slam LGBT awards ceremony in blackface row

The Icon Awards have since apologised

Fossil fuels occupation update: Protesters plan ‘mass die in’

‘It is a peaceful occupation to a deliver a message’

‘I’m not too young to be here’: Meet the 16-year-old fresher

She’s turning 18 in 2nd year

Nobel Peace Prize winning legend backs fossil fuel occupation

She’s a massive deal

19th Century medic wrote chilling note in serial killer Burke’s blood

Just like from that film Burke and Hare

It’s official: Edinburgh’s voting Tory tomorrow

Apparently Daddy’s tax is more important than universal education

There was a power cut in Pollock and wee freshers couldn’t revise

‘I think we should get special consideration for the exams for the trauma this has caused’

We’re the 18th best uni in the UK, according to us

We beat Oxbridge though

EUSA plans to build actual safe space

‘Honestly, practical policies have never been our priority’

I’m watching all three Lord of The Rings films for the first time in one sitting

He’s probably gonna go nuts

EUSA’s new president doesn’t care how you drink your VK

He also doesn’t like the Big Cheese

Man attacked on Cowgate by gang in tweed

It’s a bit Clockwork Orange-y

EUSA fingers strawpedoers for queue mayhem

We <3 strawpedos

I gave up my bed for Lent to raise money for a homeless charity

‘People have said if I get £1000 I should see if I can stay in Hive overnight but I think that’s illegal’

‘It’s the worst queue I’ve ever seen in my life’: Chaos outside Big Cheese

‘I don’t get traumatised easily but that was awful, I had tears in my eyes’

What’s it like to not be off during Innovative Learning Week?

Pretty rubbish

We’re best friends and spent a week apart as a social experiment

Emotionally fine, logistically a nightmare

I’m from Glasgow and I bloody love it

Glasgow Smiles Better

Tutorials: So close yet so far

Why don’t tutorial classmates bond

Being Scottish at Edinburgh uni makes me the minority

Since when is drinking Irn Bru in Scotland weird?

Watch this Edinburgh woman scream at someone trying to give her free money

We don’t understand either

Exam stress was worth it: Employers love us

Well why wouldn’t they

No one cares about the pagan roots of Christmas so shut up and go away

Don’t be that guy

The (potentially) annual Tab library treasure hunt 2014

We’ve got a surprise for you

We made a video of our favourite reader comments

You’re not very nice to us at all

Revision music: the perfect soundtrack to your essay season

You’re welcome

The Tab Edinburgh’s biggest highlights so far

What an epic term

There’s some really weird shit in the Teviot toilets

And by shit we mean graffitti

Have you seen these naked medics

It’s not even for charity

All Blacks were alright

They look massive

My halls are better than yours

Grant House is paradise

Hero lecturer speaks truth about Heriot Watt

And you though it was just Napier we made fun of

Movember: The first week

We spotted a lot of bum fluff

Food ratings surprise: Elfalafel is cleaner than upmarket Biblos

At least uni cafes are clean

Dancers descend into animalistic moshing at WhyNot

It was wild

Costume shop hires bouncers for Halloween mayhem

But it was a little old woman who broke up a fight

We asked you what you really think of Chancellor’s…

You didn’t hold back

Edinburgh’s legacy: We can’t get no satisfaction

Our shocking student satisfaction is becoming the stuff of legend