Medic rushed to hospital after initiation

FYC annual pub crawl leaves freshers ‘destroyed’ as promised


A fresher was forced to drink so much on their medic initiation they were hospitalised.

The lucky ones got home covered in their own vomit.

Last night’s Final Year Committee pub crawl saw a first-year hospitalised before midnight after trying to keep up with the drinking challenges set by his medic parents.

And the annual crawl is notorious for its binge drinking. First-year medic, Henry, said: “It’s an all-night bender with the intent of destroying the freshers.

“I received a text from my parent telling me that I wouldn’t make it home, that I’d be far too drunk by 10pm.”

And witnesses report seeing mashed medics returning to Pollock as early as 10:30pm covered in vomit.

Annie, a visiting student from Kent, said: “I was sitting outside Holland House and really confused as to why everyone was so drunk.

“I saw one boy wearing a dress, covered in vomit and unable to walk, be carried into Holland at about 11pm.”

The excessive drinking was the result of freshers failing various challenges set by their parents throughout the night.

The FYC boast on the Facebook event page they are separate from the Royal Medical Society by encouraging drinking “crates of vodka”.

One medic was forced to drink so much she made herself sick to keep going. Emma said: “We had to rub lube onto stranger’s faces, steal a pair of pants, down four bottles of wine and keep on drinking. I tactically chundered at 10.30pm.”