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Joshua Zitser
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Edinburgh uni professors are saving us from a halloumi-less future

A reason to be proud of our uni

First Dates are looking for Edinburgh singles to apply

You could find love AND be a TV star in weeks

Edinburgh’s chihuahua cafe are looking for employees

You’d literally get paid to cuddle puppies

Robbie Travers says his legal costs have been paid for, but these are all the people who definitely haven’t covered them

He has not recovered any legal costs and damages from any party

Clubbers of Freshers’ Week

Start as you mean to go on

How obsessed with avocados are you?

Holy guacamole

Whatever happened to Sunny Delight?

‘My mum never let me drink it because it was in the news that a girl turned yellow. That’s true, right?’

What it’s like being a black girl at a British private school

‘Being one of only a handful of black girls has actually made me abnormally insecure’

Polo in the Park was like Reading Festival but with money

‘The polo was terrific. But I was distracted by the gorgeous men surrounding me all day.’

We live in a world where rapists get less jail time if they swim well

It’s a case of athlete privilege

God knows who is behind this ‘Brock Turner for 2016 Olympics’ Facebook page

The former Stanford swimmer sexually assaulted a female student behind a dumpster in an alley

Warning signs that you should avoid a guy (by a guy)

Never trust a man with an Apple Watch

‘Growing up asexual is not easy’

Speaking to the students without sexual feelings

Professor wants psych exam to go ahead despite UCLA campus shooting

The LAPD have now confirmed the shooting to be a ‘murder-suicide’

A man’s guide to mansplaining (by a man)

In decision-making bodies, men dominate up to 75 per cent of the conversation

I’m the grandson of a Kindertransport survivor. The decision not to help 3,000 child refugees depresses me

The cross-party amendment to the Immigration Bill was defeated today

The RAU ‘rape’ case shows why the accused should be anonymous

Naming the defendants is unfair on them and on the victim

Edinburgh grad set up firm to help North Korea expand their nuclear programme

He moved to North Korea in 1995 to become a banker

Edinburgh girls have the hottest accent

Let’s be honest, the Edinburgh accent is perfect in every single way

Student council shambles: voting procedures ignored in controversial Israel ruling

The controversial BDS vote saw hundreds demand a repeal

Graduation ceremonies to take place in Appleton Tower

It’s being refurbished but it’s still ugly af

Second-year interrupts lecture dressed as Shakespearean character

All the world is a stage

French rugby team spotted checking into The Balmoral

Hordes of girls are expected to camp outside

I played Runescape to try and find my childhood again

And it is only for n00bs

Custard creams, baubles and a gigolo: Your weirdest school play roles

Some poor bloke played a rectum

There’s a new BBC Three drama about Edinburgh University

And it sounds terrible

There’s nothing wrong with incestuous friendship groups

Better the devil you know

Meadows rapist convicted after attack on teenager

The victim was coming home from a party

What I’ve learned about gender discrimination from being a club promoter

It happens all the time

New Town girls evicted after rowdy Christmas party causes floor to collapse

It was a cracking night

JMCC focus group are successful in bizarre requests

More libido-increasing smoked salmon, please…

The Edinburgh Christmas Market is the greatest thing on earth

Just think of all the Insta opportunities

Uni to offer postgrad scholarships to refugees…but only if they got a First

They have to be of Syrian nationality

Chancellor’s Court is officially the poshest halls

And in other news, the sky is grey

Introducing Robbie Travers: Edinburgh’s biggest name on campus

He’s got two phones, one for business and one for pleasure

It’s time to recognise St Andrews for what it really is – the most tragic uni in Scotland

Pompous, pretentious and utterly unbearable

Rent money stolen from uni housing co-op during ‘Friday jamming session’

Yours is probably gone

Why do middle class students always make the worst drug dealers?

Probably because they’re trying to sell pills on Tinder

Second year attacked in Meadows by man in tweed

The victim was on his way home from Hive

Three convicted after vicious attack on third year international student

His injuries were so severe he had to miss his exams

What does your summer holiday say about you?

This is definitive

‘A wretched Hive of scum and villainy’: The best of Edinburgh on Trip Advisor

‘The place to visit if you’re keen on associating yourself with douche-bags’

We went to the ECA Fashion Show

It blew our minds

I’m voting no at the EUSA vote to boycott Israel

And this is why I think you should too

Opal Lounge investigating reports of a sexual assault on the dancefloor

A witness says she saw a group of men grinding on her and filming

I met Armando Ianucci in Bedlam

I told him I wanted to sue him

Vigil for Jordanian pilot interrupted by drunk locals

But the mourners didn’t let it affect their moving evening

I was one of three men in the audience for the Vagina Monologues

I had to talk about my non-existent vagina

We asked you who you wanted your rector to be

Most of you don’t even know what a rector is

Chancers: Chancellor’s Court residents threatened with police after drugs warning

Expect ‘a friendly chat, search and arrest’

Sociology lecturer breaks into a dance mid lecture

You know a subject’s a joke when the lecturer starts dancing

I did the Church of Scientology personality test

And my graph looked like a willy

Man arrested over Meadows rape case

A 19-year-old girl was attacked in November

Jew-niversity: Meet the Orthodox Jewish students who don’t study on Shabbat

You must be Hava Na’giggle

Edinburgh Playhouse sends porn to kids

They’ve issued an eXXXcruciatingly awkward statement

Pollock Halls blessed by Game of Thrones royalty

Come back Sophie Turner

I lost my Big Cheese virginity

And it was excellent

ECFS: Are you excited?

You know you can’t wait

Overheard in the library

‘I made eye contact with the library cat. Does that count as getting pussy’

WhyNot’s ‘Chav’ night is elitist

WhyNot’s popular Flare Mondays has a ‘chav’ theme this week.

Medic rushed to hospital after initiation

FYC annual pub crawl leaves freshers ‘destroyed’ as promised

Overheard at Pollock: The landing of the rah

Yup, these people really do exist

To vote Yes or to vote No, that is the question

The only concise information on the referendum you will find online