We went to the ECA Fashion Show

It blew our minds

Edinburgh branch of prestigious fraternity face punishment over rape jokes

There is no suggestion those in the photos made the comments

Riot police called to Royal Mile

Ambulance, riot police and helicopters deployed

ECFS 2015 theme announced

Fashion Show to raise money for elephant and mental health charity

Medic rushed to hospital after initiation

FYC annual pub crawl leaves freshers ‘destroyed’ as promised

Royal Dicks: Vet sportsmen chant rape jokes at Potterow queue

The President has already apologised

Furious Feminists Try To Sack Secretary in Recording Row

Secretary, Sarah Manavis, has her position recalled after secretly recording a private meeting.

We did a fashion shoot with Lily Cole

As part of the launch of Lily Cole’s app Impossible, we met up for a Saturday morning stroll and took a few photos.

This “creepy” site is uploading your pics for people to drool over

Ratemash.com has uploaded 150,000 students’ Facebook profiles without their permission.

Spencer Matthews shags a student

Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews beds Birmingham student in steamy romp

We’re killing more animals than any other uni

Tab research reveals Edinburgh kills almost a quarter of the million animals killed by UK unis

EUSA Ban ‘Blurred Lines’ In Lad Culture Clampdown

No. 1 causing feminist stir has been banned from being played in all EUSA buildings.

Uni gags satire mag in free speech clampdown

Satirical newspaper Edinburgh Flipside forced to take down article supposedly causing offence.

Sex Between The Shelves

What’s really going on in Edinburgh University Library…