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Exclusive: Flat White confirm new branch to open at site of the New Inn pub

From Lager to Latte

Durham students will now have more than just the Cathedral to look at as they stare longingly from the windows of the Billy B. With the shock closure of the New Inn pub in the last week, students have been left wondering what could ever fill the void of the New Inn – once named "probably the worst pub in Durham" on TripAdvisor.

Flat White Cafe have confirmed to The Tab Durham today that they will be opening a new branch on the old New Inn site, much to the delight of all who live on the hill. The new cafe will open "in the next few months" once they have finished renovating the whole building.

After the popularity of the Human Cafe full of free Flat White favourites earlier this year, the new cafe will fill a gaping hole on the hill. The news of the opening will bring much excitement to Hill College dwellers in particular, for whom a trip to the current Flat White takes a whole 15 minutes from the science site. In comparison, quick research shows that the new location will be a simple three minute walk from the Library doors.

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"No matter that the hill has no cashpoint, no shop, no medical centre – now no pub! We can just roll out of bed and we'll be there! Flat white is going to make me a Fat White….I wonder if they'll deliver to the library?" said one excited Law student from Level 3 of the Billy B this afternoon.

Many questions remain unanswered, but one thing's for sure – you may not have to queue quite so long for brunch anymore.

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