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The Christian Union’s temporary café is Durham’s best boho-chic aesthetic space

Do I see you queueing for Flat White? Catch up, darling

Midget gems never taste quite so good as they do when you’re in the Klute queue at midnight, freezing to death and talking to some poor soul from the Christian Union.

This week, our midnight midget-gem heroes have got a big old tent near the science site, complete with free lunches every day – as well as a café.

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And it’s not just any old café. Hear this: the café in the Human tent is home to the very best of Durham’s boho chic aesthetic, and it's a travesty that it won’t be around for longer.

People of Durham, go out there and grace your instagrams with this interior of washed-out rugs, upturned crates, patterned armchairs, and potted plants.

Ferns, succulents, ivy, and cacti of all sizes are dotted about a rustic, airy space, surrounded by the cream satin marquee lining.

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There’s gentle music floating from hidden speakers, and soft strings of fairy lights are draped over half-built bookcases.

Emily Southwell, the Venue Director and a fourth-year Biology student at John’s, told The Tab: “We wanted to make people feel welcome and relaxed, making a zero pressure environment where people can just exist, a safe space.”

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“Loads of the furniture came from CU people lending stuff, it’s like a collection of the CU’s house. It’s the CU coming together with lent and borrowed stuff.”

With ‘aeropressed coffee’ and ‘London Fog’ on the drinks menu for £2 or less (and 50p off if you have a reusable cup), it’s time to get out of Flat White and immerse yourself in this extremely aesthetically-pleasing space while it lasts.

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The café is open every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is located in the marquee tent in the playing field on Quarryheads Lane, opposite The New Inn, by the Science Site.

For more details and times of events, click here.