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Vote now for Durham’s Most Cringeworthy Couple

It’s time to speak out


With Valentine's day coming up it's only fair to give the single people something to be proud of. So, we created a new award 'Durham’s Most Cringeworthy Couple'.

Think about that couple who hold hands on the way to lectures, or even walk one another to their tutorials and finally seperate with a tentative kiss in the cobbled streets.

If you've been in a state of despair because of a particular twosome gazing into one another's eyes in the Billy B. We are here to help.

To nominate just click on the link below and answer the four questions (anonymously). If you manage to convince us that this particular pair are the worst, we'll crown them 'Durham’s Most Cringeworthy Couple'.

Click here

(Results to be announced Valentine's Day).