Jodie Morris

Jodie Morris
Durham University


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Lots of posh boys got into a fight at the Durham vs Exeter hockey match

It happened after Durham’s winning goal was disallowed

Durham just kicked Keble College Oxford’s arse on University Challenge

No joke, we won

Here’s how to get your DUCFS 2019 tickets on Wednesday

We understand the stress

Review: Swingers at Players doesn’t play enough ABBA but it’s still a sick night

I ‘reviewed’ the ABBA night

We spoke to past DUCFS models to find out why you should give it a go

You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk

We reviewed Bar 33: Where you can get a cocktail with actual soy sauce in it

I can confirm I tried every drink

Meet the DUCFS 2019 exec and marvel at just how many of them are single

Wig-snatching in abundance

The Durham University Charity Fashion Show is back and they are here to slay

Back, bigger and better than ever

Geography at Durham is ranked best in the UK by The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019

Durham was also ranked 7th in the country


Someone has been spreading fake news

Meet the models: St Chad’s Charity Fashion Show

Just when we thought fashion show season was over

Spoiler alert: Durham Cathedral doesn’t even feature in the new Avengers Infinity War film

What a waste of £8

Durham students are so noisy that a man has literally had his bath upholstered

‘I think they are all just waiting for us to die’

Durham Uni decides to record all lectures and post them online

It’s been a long time coming, say students

There’s a petition to save Durham’s Pret

Pret is a pseudo-library and needs saving

Review: Van Mildert Charity Fashion Show

Probably the most diverse show in Durham

WINNERS: Durham’s Most Cringeworthy Couple

Here we have it people

Vote for Durham’s most cringeworthy couple: The Final

You nominated them, now you decide

There’s a Durham college master inviting people to walk his dog with him

Every Sunday you can go for a walk with Stanley

Prince Charles is in Durham right now, and he’s being a classic Grandad

69 years old and still cute

Vote now for Durham’s Most Cringeworthy Couple

It’s time to speak out

There’s a Durham student writing her dissertation on memes

No, we aren’t talking about the Richard Dawkins kind

Aggression Sessions: Meet the boxers

It’s hard to be humble when you’re as great as they are

DUCFS 2018: Meet the models

The Shape of Now

The ‘Line Up’ Fashion Show: sport meets fashion

Meet the Exec

Durham didn’t fail any finalists last year, so I’ll see you at the pub

It’s time to endorse doing the bare minimum

Channel 4 are looking for applicants from Durham to be on Come Dine With Me

It might not be Love Island but it’s a start

The New Years Resolutions every Durham student will make but not keep

The first step to recovery is acceptance

Meet the Exec of the Kingdom Charity fashion show

Are you a reptile? Cause iguana tap that

Meet the Models of St Aidan’s College fashion show

Paradise isn’t lost

Tom Harwood is running for NUS delegate again, and he’s made another meme video

He’s promised to make Freddos cheap again

There’s an Instagram that posts ‘food porn’ … of college meals

Really? You like potatoes THAT much?

FITTEST FRESHER: the female winner revealed

She’s beauty and she’s grace

St Cuthbert’s Society Fashion Show: Meet the Models

Beauty isn’t everything, but it is a lot

FITTEST FRESHER: The male winner revealed

This was a very close race

Durham’s Fittest Fresher: Girls

Talented, to say the least

Durham Street Style: Autumn Edition

So many icons

I broke eleven iPhones in a year

Unlike cats, iPhones don’t have nine lives.

Meet the Palatinalps exec

The coolest people on campus (pun intended)

Nominations are now open for Durham’s Fittest Freshers 2017/2018

Who have you been sharking?

DUCFS 2018: Meet the fit and fabulous Exec

We asked them everything you want to know

Freshers’ Guide: How to nail the Durham look

Always seize a fleece

Tragedy strikes as St Aidan’s bar closes

No more wine.

DUCFS is back, back again

Not heard of it? You’re probably a fresher

All the reasons why you’re missing Durham so much this summer

Can’t cope with another Wednesday without Lloyds

Philosophy freshers were told to answer the wrong number of questions in exam

What would Plato say to this

Everything you learnt at Durham but should’ve already known

School I miss you

When you think about it, Nando’s is the most distinctly average restaurant there is

It’s a bit of chicken and sauce, isn’t it really?

In memory of Michaelmas and Epiphany

It’s like we’ve got January blues, but worse.

All the signs that you’re a bad friend

If you’re reading this, you already know it’s you. Bitch.

A completely rational guide to surviving a degree you hate

Copy this and you will be fine

First year: Life with alcohol poisoning, every day of the week

We just can’t stop