Two Million Hits!

The Tab is celebrating its two millionth hit since it was launched in Durham in October 2012.

The milestone was reached on Thursday 6th March, one year and five months after it was started.

The Tab has come a long way since its launch in October 2012, starting under Christian Seierson, then Alex Easdale, Charlie Gardiner-Hill and now Ollie Burrows.

With help from Columnists like Flo Perry, exclusives, sports coverage, theatre reviews and fashion articles, the website’s hits have soared past the 2 million mark.

Flo said “I feel honoured that people have wasted so much of their lives reading the shit that spouts from the tips of my fingers.”

The idea for The Tab was devised by Cambridge students in December 2008. It was originally intended to be a newspaper, but soon evolved into a website.

The current team.

In February The Tab Durham had its best month yet, with hits reaching 400,000 by the end of the 28 days.

Katie Strick, one of the earliest Tab members, said “I joined The Tab as News Editor 18 months ago at its birth in Durham. Back then no one knew what it was, and we were lucky if 3 people turned up to our weekly ‘meeting’ in a dark corner of North Road Wetherspoons. And now look at it – 2 million hits and dozens of writers. I feel a bit like a proud mother!”

Two weeks ago The Tab reached 32,000 hits in one day, a record for Durham.

When asked to describe his year as Editor, Charlie Gardiner-Hill said it was “intense”, but that “the momentum and support from everyone has been amazing.”

Thanks to ALL our valued readers.

Vive La Tab!