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Lauren Raine
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Colleges safe for now: Jeremy Vine to chair conference

Going ahead despite the hideous logo

Durham student pepper-sprayed by pigs in pizza fight

‘It was the worst hour of my life’

Are you Sirius? Durham holds Harry Potter Sorting Ceremony

Not Slytherin…anything but Slytherin

You’re pulling my Leg-o

A Durham student has earned over £10,000 from making Lego models

Pro Green post-slap: ‘What’s happened to rock and roll?’

Slappy rapper just doesn’t understand why hitting a fan is ‘such a big thing’

Bald is beautiful: The low-down on Durham salons

Everything you need to know about waxing, threading and looking good

EXCLUSIVE: Is purple the new black?

With the arrival of the new ‘Purple Pass’, we spoke to creator Andy Mathews to find out if it is all it is cracked up to be…

Can we ever be post-racist?

Inspired by the controversial Hatfield fashion show, FEMSOC and the African-Caribbean society are holding a debate on the extent to which we live in a post-racist society.

What’s Hot: Week 6

For all those who finish exams this week…

‘Devastated, shocked and very saddened’: University speaks out about Luke’s tragic death

Professor Elizabeth Archibald, Principal of St. Cuth’s, and Professor Towl, Pro-VC and Deputy Warden, spoke to The Tab this afternoon regarding the discovery of missing student Luke Pearce’s body.

Uni speaks out about missing student

Today Durham University’s Pro-VP and Deputy Warden spoke out about student Luke Pearce’s recent disappearance.

BREAKING: Durham student missing

Just weeks after calls for better riverside safety, a major search is underway for a missing student who has not been seen since the early hours of Sunday morning.

Is technology ruining your sex life?

Turns out people in the North East are letting small buzzing items ruin their sex lives….and these aren’t just bad vibrators.

SPOTTED: Fashion Show looking for new exec

After an eventful fashion show season, Ella Gould and the rest of the team are searching for their replacements.

Gnome news is bad news

An 8ft gnome was reported STOLEN from the master’s garden yesterday. As of yet no ransom note has been found.

If you can’t pay the fine…

The Tab got some interesting information from our friends over at FOI showing just how much the library is reaping at the expense of your essay stress…

Boo you Hoarder

A recent survey by the British Heart Foundation has found people in the North East to be excessive hoarders.

Concerns grow for missing teacher

A 50-year-old teacher from Durham has not been seen since Sunday morning.

Two Million Hits!

The Tab is celebrating its two millionth hit since it was launched in Durham in October 2012.

Bring on exams! Stats last year prove we can handle it

With exam season creeping up, The Tab decided to look at whether which college you attend has anything to do with your chance of success…

If it’s good enough for Higgins…

Student lobbyists gathered at the New Inn this morning to call on Durham University to pay the new Living Wage.

Selfish student leaves someone to starve

Food parcels for the East Durham Trust FEED project are thought to have been stolen from colleges.

FemSoc and Cuth’s Rugby kiss and make up…almost

FemSoc and Cuth’s Rugby co-hosted a debate last night questioning the relationship between lad culture and sexual violence.

Ding Dong the witch is….a murderer?

Margaret Thatcher’s policies caused people to die both unjustly and prematurely, Durham University Researchers say.


“It’s like a slap in the face”: societies hit back after DSU slashes opening hours.

Cry me a river: No way Novice Cup could have gone ahead

After some controversy surrounding the cancellation of the Novice Cup, The Tab decided to speak to the DCR to find out why there is so much hype around an event that hasn’t run on time for four years.

Look at ma sexy bodeh: Durham amongst top 10 fattest areas in the UK

According to new data, County Durham is the 9th fattest area in the UK.

Baa-baa-barbaric: couple jailed for murdering SHEEP and using bloody head to scare CHILDREN

A couple have been jailed after brutally decapitating a sheep and shaking its head at a group of petrified children.

Dog sniffs for more than haggis at Collingwood Formal

Burns Night at Collingwood was interrupted by a sniffer dog yesterday as formal seems most appropriate setting for drugs raid.

What a Cop Out

A police officer remains un-prosecuted after he drove at 140mph to impress a prisoner.

Dunelm Mark II: The Rivalry Begins

Tired of having to cross the road after lectures to get that sweet fix? Look no further than J&R Convenience Stores opening this week.

Durham Loves Women Physicists (But Not Enough Yet)

Durham University’s Department of Physics has won a national award for improving gender equality among its staff and students.

UKs Weirdest Uni Courses Revealed

After Durham’s Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion featured on a recent list of most bizarre uni courses, The Tab decided to look out for other universities’ tactical options to boost your mark.

Cosy US Relations Continue

US ambassador to the UK, Matthew Barzun, has visited Durham University today as part of further collaborations with the states.

Durham’s Grave Encounters

Home sweet home…a former mental health hospital is to be converted into swanky student apartments.

5 Ways to Avoid a Shit New Year’s

New Year’s Eve promises to be one of the best nights of the year, yet somehow it has a tendency to deteriorate rapidly. Here are 5 key ways to avoid the New Year blues…

Busking Tips: Durham Buskers Rated

As Christmas draws near, so do the crowds. This means that Durham’s buskers are out in force and it’s high time we got to know them better…

BREAKING: Police Attempt to Identify Body as That of Sope Peters

Body found at water’s edge near Prebends Bridge this morning, believed to be that of missing student Sope Peters

Cathedral To Receive £3.9 Million

Durham Cathedral has been awarded a grant of £3.9 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of a larger project to be completed in 2015.

African Warlord Moves to Durham

Former Liberian president Charles Taylor has begun a 50 year sentence for war crimes at a prison on the outskirts of Durham.

5 Celebs Durham wishes weren’t gay

With Tom Daley coming out via YouTube yesterday morning, we pulled together a list of the top 5 celebs that Durham singletons wish didn’t bat for the other team.

LATEST: Search For Sope

The latest on police efforts to recover the body of the missing student, Sope Peters.

Strike! Lecturers stand firm over pay

Fair pay is great, but what we’re really interested in when lecturers strike is what we miss and what we get to do instead.

Durham is Full of Gimps

Durham has been ranked the 2nd Sexiest Town in UK according to a survey conducted by

Don’t panic! DSU launch “Take your time to sign”

“I’m dreading spending next year with her”: DSU discourage students from signing houses too early, with Studentpad launching a month later than previous years

Durham Hotlist: End of November

Suffering a post-Lumiere low? Summatives getting you down? Lauren Raine discovers what’s on to pick you up for the rest of Michaelmas term…

Stress high as housing panic sets in!

As November dawns, students across Durham begin to panic about who they are going to live with next year and the annual phenomenon takes hold once again.

It’s Official: Durham is full of Londoners

Study reveals London teenagers are 43% more likely to continue into higher education than their counterparts in the North-East.

Uni in Unpaid Job Advert Row

After extracurricular classes taught by unpaid volunteers were advertised on the university’s website, Durham has been asked to clarify whether it pays all its’ teaching staff.

Art Thieves’ Sentences Cut

Art thieves have their sentences reduced after forgetting location of loot.

Pulse – Durham’s New Saturday Night Out

With the replacement of Academy by an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant, Durham’s Saturday night has moved to Studio.