Cry me a river: No way Novice Cup could have gone ahead

After some controversy surrounding the cancellation of the Novice Cup, The Tab decided to speak to the DCR to find out why there is so much hype around an event that hasn’t run on time for four years.

After the original cancellation of the Novice Cup planned to take place on the 24-25th November, frustration was rife amongst rowers following this second disappointment.

The water line considered safe to row on is the bottom of the two. This was the level on Friday.

A castle coach said “I feel so disappointed because my crew have worked so hard over the last term and a bit just to be let down once again – the Novice Cup when it was originally planned for in November could have easily have gone ahead as the river was perfectly rowable. Now they’ll never get to experience what Novice Cup’s all about…”

Despite the belief that the river was acceptable to row on, the DCR made it clear that there was no way the river was safe enough for novices. The reason last term’s cup was cancelled was due to a combination of inexperience on behalf of the crews, decided by a poll taken by captains, and the rivers consistently high flow.

The height of the river on Sunday.

Although people desperately wanted this weekend to go ahead, the boats would not have been insured if crews rowed above the water line required for safety precautions.

This weekend was chosen specifically for the cup as this term is a hectic season for rowers and support is required from marshals and seniors. Lizzie Fletcher, Regatta Secretary, said “We’re really sad that it isn’t running. It is not a decision we have made lightly.”

Due to the organisation required and the continual postponement of integration between freshers and novices, the cup is unlikely to run again this year.