Cardiff has ranked as the 11th safest city in the UK for a night out

It beat 39 other British towns and cities

According to a new league table, Cardiff has placed 11th out of 50 of the UK’s largest towns and cities for the safest night out.

Get Licensed has published its overall safety scores for 50 of the UK’s largest towns and cities, with data sourced from Numbeo’s safety data, which provides a safety index for cities in the UK and countries worldwide.

Cardiff’s overall result was calculated by combining its Numbeo safety index score of 62.60 out of 100, with worries of being mugged or robbed, which scored 34 out of 100, alongside worries of being a victim of a violent hate crime, which scored 18.40 out of 100 and safety walking alone at night scoring 50.76 out of 100. This led to an overall score of 7.12 out of 10.

The overall winner was York with 9.66 out of 10, whilst Bradford has taken position as the least safe place for a UK night out, scoring a mere 1.13 out of 10 due to a low Numbeo safety index score (28.94) and a low “safety walking home at night score” (21.04).

Swansea has also taken the title of the safest night out in Wales, beating Cardiff with a score of 7.61 out of 10, placing them as the 8th safest city for a night out in the UK, however no other Welsh cities were mentioned in the data.

Despite Cardiff’s overall safety score as a city, Cardiff University is considered one of the top ten safest universities in the UK. According to an article on unifresher, Cardiff Uni is the 9th safest place in the UK to live and study with Liverpool placing 10th and Bath 1st. However, according to unifresher, Cardiff once again is not the safest university or city in Wales, as Aberystwyth ranked 4th and has been claimed to be the safest university town in Wales.

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