Get in loser, we’re planning our Cardiff Uni socials’ themes

So, you’ve picked your society and now it’s time to sort out your theme

One of the most unique and enjoyable perks of joining one of the many Cardiff Uni societies has to be the socials. It’s the time when you and your new friends can get hammered, and look iconic while doing it.

Whether you’re a Social Sec or just planning your birthday party, we’ve got you covered so you don’t have to stress about what the inspiration is for your next Cardiff night out.

First letter of your name

Let’s start with a classic. Whether it be as simple as a fairy, or elaborate as a jellyfish, this theme is versatile and sure to be a hit. Even better, because of its diversity, it’s definitely not a one-theme wonder.

British Icons

It’s what Lizzy would have wanted. This legendary theme has been regaining popularity on TikTok, with people creating sub-themes including British TV characters and Underground Stations. Some costumes that, I argue, take the crumpet include: Elton John, Dot Cotton (EastEnders) and the Spice Girls.

Celeb Crushes

What could be a more brutally honest and unforgettable theme? With this social, you have two choices. Firstly, you could keep it safe with a correct, but slightly underwhelming, sparkling Harry Styles jumpsuit. On the other hand, you could go completely bizarre with a bald cap and suit for Pitbull. The choice is up to you, but be prepared, if you turn up in a Boris Johnson costume, we’ll all be judging.

Movie Villains

With the Halloween season upon us, this theme will get you into spooky spirits. I personally love how this theme is for everyone. If you want to take a more simplistic route, I would recommend Regina George, just take a simple tee and cut out some circular holes. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more frightening, Patrick Bateman, or Joker/Harley Quinn will be perfect.

All in all, whatever the theme of your next social, make the most of it!

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