What your Cardiff Uni halls says about you

Let’s be honest, we all want to be a Taly south

Whenever you meet someone new at Cardiff Uni no matter if you’re first or third year, there are three questions you ask someone: “Where are you from?”, “What course do you do?”, “What halls were you in first year?”. Halls are a very important stage of a uni student’s life and let’s be honest, it shapes you as a person, so here it is: what your first year Cardiff halls say about you.

Talybont South

You’re sociable, funny, and always up for a good time. Stow away Lidl trolly? It’s yours for the week now, or maybe just the night until you drunkenly leave it at the bottom of your house stairs and get a note from the uni the next day saying to stop “littering in the halls”. You’ve defo just scraped a 2:1 from all the partying you have done, but who cares? First year doesn’t count anyway, and a 2:1 is more than a pass.

Talybont North

You’re either extremely sporty and this was a deliberate plan to be as close to the sports hall and hockey pitch as possible, or you chose it because you heard Taly was the place to be and this was the cheapest option. You spend your days shopping in Big Tesco because town is a treat reserved for the weekly trek but who even needs town when you have Maccies, Big Tesco, and Screwfix less than 10 minutes away? You’re not as wild as your counterparts in Taly South but you’re sociable in a niche way, someone in your flat definitely reads Tarot Cards, while your neighbouring flat are all super into D&B. It’s a weird and wonderful place for some weird and wonderful people.

Senghennydd Court

You might not have chosen the Senghetto, but the Senghetto chose you. You have to be a certain type of person to survive the conditions of Seng because one bathroom and the world’s smallest kitchen between five will either break you or build you to have the patience of a saint. Unless of course you were blessed with the big kitchen, then you are the designated holder of pres, and you will never be able to make pesto pasta without playing the Cardiff Uni version of stuck in the mud.

Regardless of what the other halls may say, Seng residents are elite and what you save in rent, you spend on a night out by having town and the SU a five minute walk away.

Senghenyydd Hall

You spent your life in first year explaining to people that Seng Hall is different to Seng court, you had an en-suite, and you didn’t learn to cook for yourself until second year.

You’re an engineer or have one in your flat but you still live for a cheeky sesh at YOLO because you can walk down the road and sneak into the queue undetected. You either know everyone in the building or know no one, there is no in between. If you were a VK, you’d be apple and mango.

University Hall

Life dealt you a bad hand. It’s okay, at least Roath Park isn’t too far away for a mental health walk when you realise Uni Halls isn’t an actual prison and you can leave.  You have a great sense of humour and could talk for Wales on those long Wednesday night walks home. Also, we’ve heard you have the best parties so maybe it’s not all bad on the other side of Wales.

Aberdare Hall

A girlie pop who’s into other girly pops. It’s girly pop heaven. The accomodation is aesthetic, and so are you. You definitely romanticise your life by getting an iced coffee at Hoffi Coffi, walking back past your halls to feel the pride of living there, and continue your hot girl walk into Bute if the weather is nice. You can’t imagine why anyone would want to live with boys who are smelly and loud; until you come to realise that *one* girl proves that it’s not just boys who are smelly and loud.

Aberconway Hall

You know everyone in your halls and are either acting like you’re Alan Sugar or live in very close proximity to someone who thinks they are Lord Sugar.

If you were in Shrek, you’d be the gingerbread man. You’re painfully inoffensive, you have your moments but are forgotten sometimes. Honestly, you’re just happy to be mentioned in this article.

Talybont Gate

Tory. The taps only produce sparkling water. If you’re a girl you wear a black North Face, and white Air Forces. If you’re a guy, you wear a Ralphie quarter zip, Barber jacket, and boat shoes. You also snort mummy and daddy’s money away on the weekend or never leave your room because you’re scared of your flatmates.

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