Here is a list of all Cardiff activities that last longer than Truss’ time in office

All of these can definitely last longer than 44 days

After the resignation of the Prime Minster Liz Truss this Thursday, it was only fair to consider what activities Cardiff students do that usually last longer than this conservative’s time in office.

Queuing outside for Pryzm or Yolo

In the pouring rain, in the cold winter, on a windy night – even the worst weather will not stop students from queuing for hours to enter clubs on the busiest days of the week. There are approximately nine months of uni, four weeks a month and one day a week minimum which is dedicated to a night out. By doing some quick maths we can conclude that for approximately 36 days of a uni year we will spend preparing for a night out. Waiting in a queue can take hours, ergo queuing for a club is closer to Liz’s time in office.

Finding a meal deal at Tesco

It takes a sophisticated amount of time to pick the ultimate meal deal in Tesco. A decision which will impact on almost all last minute breakfasts, lunches and dinners. It can take longer especially if you have the chance to shop in the Big Tesco by Taly.

A song by Delboy

The favourite Cardiff busker is known for his long and emotional serenades on the main streets. For sure some of his songs have lasted longer than the conservative party in office.

The walk from Taly North to the city centre

We apologise in advance, if you live in Taly North and your lectures are in The Centre for Student Life, or you have the misfortune of doing Journalism in the JOMEC building. An approximate 50 min walk (according to Google) for almost every day for three or four years roughly amounts to 30 days in total (ok Liz, we give you this one, but it’s still over 85 per cent of her time in office).

A Bingo Lingo game

Definitely funnier than the conservatives’ time in office. Plus once you make a mistake, they’ll throw slime at you, which unfortunately does not happen in parliament.

Waiting in the queue for Greggs before a nine am lecture

A classic last minute breakfast is always worth the wait. Here, however, lettuce is usually used in the sandwiches rather than to measure how long it will take for the prime minister to fail.

A Circuit Laundry dryer cycle

It always says ‘finished’ only for you to get to the laundry room and find out there are 10 more minutes left. The Tories are starting to take the same approach tbh. They also both make a lot of noise, and cost us a bit too much for basic necessities.

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