Which Cardiff icon should be the next prime minister?

Attention Houses of Parliament we have your next candidates here

Over 7,000 freshers at Cardiff Uni have outlived Lizz Truss’ time in office, we need someone who will make it all the way to Post-grad era, so here are our contenders for who Cardiff should elect for the next prime minister.

Omar from T&A

Photo from TikTok @t.anda.kebabscardiff

One word: icon. Omar not only runs a very successful kebab shop, proving he has time management skills (and is wifey material) but is also owner of one of the best TikTok pages we’ve ever seen. Omar has already got a bigger (and better) skill set than Truss. Moreover, they mentioned T&A in Gavin and Stacey so he already has celebrity allies proving for a successful campaign.


Photo from TikTok @itslocs

Delboy (who’s real name is Keith) is known for his unique singing around Cardiff city centre. He carries around a karaoke mic and speaker on a trolley, and I think he would do well taking the same approach with the weight of the nation. He’s 78 so still in his prime, and will perform his tunes in all weather conditions. If he can perform for 10 hours in the Cardiff rain, the pressure of parliament is going to be a walk in the park.

Ducks in Bute Park

Consistency is key, and these boys (and girls) are always swimming about ready for some political quacktion. However, they seem a bit timid sometimes so maybe aren’t the right bird for the job.

Geese at Roath Park

Tyrion Lannister said: “Every good ruler needs to inspire a bit of fear.”

On this premise, the geese at Roath Park would be the best prime minister this country has ever seen, they have the consistency of the ducks at Bute but the dominance and audacity of a true leader. They are not afraid to chase down their goals (whether it be small children or your nan’s sandwich) and the teeth on their tongue really speaks for itself.

Featured images via @t.anda.kebabscardiff, @bbcnews  and @itslocs on TikTok.

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