Here’s what your halloween costume will be this year based on your degree at Cardiff

This list is spookily accurate

Still have no idea what to wear this Halloween? We made a list for last minute inspiration based on your degree so it matches your personality, or maybe we just wanted to roast you.

Geography/Urban Planning

Your degree has a lot to do with travelling, new places, countries, cultures. Therefore, you’ll definitely be the one and only: Mr. Worldwide (aka Pitbull.) Just like your degree, this costume is not that hard to get; all you need is a bald cap, a black costume and some sunnies.

Business studies

We know that to you; money, cryptocurrencies, and the stock market mean a lot. Side note: why can’t we just print more money? You’ll probably want to dress up like The Wolf of Wall Street. However we strongly suggest to keep the suite and maybe try a more interesting character, like Gomez Addams, for example.


No, the sexy doctor/nurse is not original. Can we switch it up a bit? Why don’t you dress up like a microbe or an amoeba? In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it. In healthcare, it’s the one night a year when you have the chance to be creative. Don’t worry, its a once in a year thing. Extra points if you can make it slutty though.


You are always trying to keep up with the trends, so popular characters from Netflix series are your inspo. From dressing up as Stranger Things’ characters like Chrissy, Eddie and Vecna to the classic red guards from Squid Game. You’ll definitely want to be as accurate as possible. Also, let’s not forget all the meme inspired costumes like Borat and Ali G. If you are more interested in politics, feel free to dress up as the shortest running prime minister in British history. Costume includes: a black skirt, blazer, and a lettuce with googly eyes.


Understandably, you will be Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. The pink clothes, the hair, the wit,  it is all in the package and honestly, it just fits right to everyone doing law. If you are also doing Welsh alongside Law, feel free to put a pin of the Welsh Dragon on your blazer for some subtle national representation.


Drawing is your passion so you’ll have plenty of ideas to come up with a more complicated costume. Something like a full on skull makeup would suit you best. However, you are probably way too busy with uni work, and you might end up just wearing a onesie.

Computer science

You’d probably go for the easiest and most random costumes such as a ketchup bottle, Gregg’s sausage roll, or anything that you can get from Amazon as quick as possible. The naan bread costume is also a classic.

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