We asked our editors and contributors: Who is the woman that inspires you?

So much inspiration all around us, Who is your woman role-model?

8th March was International Women’s Day — an official holiday in some countries, and a day for which we celebrate the wonderful women in our lives. In light of this day, we asked The Tab Cardiff’s editors and contributors: Who is the woman that inspires you?

From well-known celebrities to our moms and grandmas, here’s what they said:

Ffion, Features Editor

Dolly Parton is a great inspiration since “she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her looks, and she embodies the bimbo image and owns it!” And we agree!

Sophia, Contributor

Carrie Fisher is Sophia’s influential woman since the actress “took no shit in a time when Hollywood treated women awfully and was always really open about her own struggles and mental health etc.

“Also, Princess Leia is just the coolest character ever and I wanted to be her when I was a child” says Sophia.

Kasvi, Co-Editor in Chief

Kasvi shared that Michelle Obama inspired her as “her perspective of the world is positive and refreshing. Her projects and initiatives to help people from various communities have changed things for a lot of people… she represents the idea that women are so strong and can do so much while having as much of a seat at the table as the next man.”

Mollie, Social Media Editor

Mollie chose New Zealand’s Prime Minister – Jacinda Ardern. An icon who “literally gave birth while running New Zealand.” Mollie also stresses on the fact that the PM’s speeches during Covid were better than any other leader. “She is the moment!”

Georgia, Social Media and News Editor

For Georgia, Kate Middleton is an “incredible woman who is so dedicated to learning about children and ensuring they have the best start to life. She’s stepping out of Will’s shadow and setting the path for women to be in such a high role and do things on their own” Just as a future queen should!

Some looked closer to home, finding inspiration in the wonderful women who have grown with.

Sophie, Contributor

Sophie shares this beautiful mother and daughter picture saying “My mum really inspires me because she never stops working and is always motivated to do more even when she’s tired”.

Maggie, Contributor

As for Maggie her mum is an inspiration “as she has shown me what kind of woman and mother I should strive to be. I am in awe of how strong she is and how her light has never left her! She is my rock and I love her so much!”

Sofia, Contributor

And last but not the least, I will share the most inspiring woman in my life: my grandmother, who has raised three wonderful daughters (triplets) and has always had the confidence to be herself. She is truly a strong and independent lady!

To all the incredible women in our lives, we thank you for inspiring us and filling our lives with joy and love.

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