Our guide to celebrating St David’s Day just like a true Welsh person

You know what they say… When in Wales, do as the Welsh do

For all you non-Welshies, St David’s Day celebrates the patron saint of Wales, with large feasts, sporting daffodils and eating traditional Welsh dishes being a typical way to spend the day. If you’re struggling for ways to celebrate this coming March 1st, look no further: The Tab Cardiff have put together a list of places to go and things to eat around the city, so you can fully immerse yourself in St David’s Day.

Enjoy Some Traditional Welsh Cuisine

Welsh Cakes– We’ve all had a Welsh cake by now and if you haven’t… are you even a Cardiff student? Even if you don’t like raisins, Fabulous Welshcakes in the Castle Arcade and Cardiff Bakestones in the Market sell a variety including: chocolate chip, Nutella, and lemon curd so there really is a Welsh Cake for everyone.

Welsh Rarebit: Despite its deceiving name, rarebit isn’t, and has never been, made with rabbits as an ingredient so congratulations vegetarians, you can enjoy this one too. Made with thick sliced bread, and topped with a cheese sauce made of beer, Welsh cheddar cheese, butter, and mustard, it is the mature version of a toastie but… Not sandwiched?

Laverbread: Okay, this one requires a bit more of an adventurous spirit than the others. Laverbread consists of seaweed that has been boiled for around six hours, and then is minced or pulped. You can enjoy Laverbread on toast or rolled in oats which are then fried and placed on a traditional Welsh breakfast.

Attend the Saint David’s Day Parade

Luck would have it we’re in the capital city, which means the Saint David’s day parade will be taking place this year after Covid has prevented it from doing so last year. At 12:30pm the parade will leave the Boulevard de Nantes at the end of King Edward VII drive and march up and down Queen Street, eventually ending up around the Hayes.

Have your own Eisteddfod

An Eisteddfod is an event which celebrates the culture and language in Wales. With music, dance, and poetry, creating your own version of this event with your housemates is the perfect time to show off any talents you’ve been waiting to bust out.

Go for a walk in Bute

The national flower of Wales is the daffodil and at this time of the year, our beloved Bute is full of these bright yellow national emblems. Plus, if the weather is nice, a walk in the park is the perfect detox from the stresses of uni.

Get Drunk and sing the national anthem

A timeless way to celebrate the country we call home. Need we say more?

Whether you celebrate St David’s Day with housemates, family or friends, make sure to check out some of the lively scenes in town- it’ll make you fall in love with Wales even more than you already (hopefully) do!

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