All the best reactions to THAT viral video of the Cardiff safety net lecturer

If we can’t laugh, we cry

Social media has been an absolute whirlwind the last 24 hours, after a video went viral of a lecturer at Cardiff University mocking students for wanting a safety-net policy and calling them ‘idiots’.

Dr. Helen McCarthy, a senior lecturer at the School of Biosciences, and one of the staff members responsible for awarding extenuating circumstances, was seemingly unaware that Panopto continues to record the main room when students have been sent into breakout rooms. The video was later uploaded onto the student portal, Learning Central, for everyone on the module to see.

The video, which was sent to The Cardiff Tab yesterday, has received over 100k views and over 1.5k retweets so far.


People are rightfully upset about the comments made, but that hasn’t stopped them from laughing about the situation. In true student fashion, Dr. McCarthy has become somewhat of a meme in the last day, with numerous pictures, videos and comments popping up on social media, in particular the Cardiff student page Overheard at Cardiff University.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up some of the best reactions to that viral video:

Is impeachment on the cards?

The latest season of Educating Cardiff looks wild

Gogglebox would have an absolute field day with that video

An intelligent Karen could destroy the world

It’s times like this we need to come together as a community

The whole world knows!!

I mean… did they lie?

The strikes last year seem to stick out for people

And finally:

So while we’re all clearly shocked and horrified by the comments made, it’s good to see that the student community has come together to make light of the situation. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that you should always be careful with online classes!

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