Plans for the zip line across Cardiff Bay may be in jeopardy

The attraction was planned to open in July

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There were plans to open a zip line across Cardiff Bay in the summer, however, St David's Hotel rejected the plans.

City Zip, the company behind the attraction, has threatened legal action against St David's Hotel where the starting point had been planned to be placed.

The hotel told local people that they had not given permission to host the zip line while City Zip counter claims that they were already in a commercial agreement with the hotel.

City Zip has now withdrawn its planning application but will be reapplying with Cardiff City Council. With tickets already having been sold, the attraction is now billed to open in 2020 rather than this year.

The hotel itself has stated that it provided no planning permission to the company and is supported by local residents in its opposition to the creation of the attraction.

Celebrities such as Russel T Davies, writer of Dr Who, have mentioned concerns of privacy and the hotel manager said "our position remains that our priority is to provide excellent service to guests of Voco St David's Cardiff. We reviewed the impact this initiative could have had on the hotel and the experience of our guests, and decided not to progress with it."

So, I guess we may have to wait a little longer before we're zipping around Cardiff Bay in the air.