You could be flying across Cardiff Bay by zip wire this summer

The attraction is planned to open in July

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The City Zip Company are planning to open a huge zip wire attraction across Cardiff Bay this summer.

Customers would be able to fly across the water, from the roof of the St David's Hotel to Britannia Park (the area surrounding the Norwegian church).

The zip wire would open this summer, and remain open until January 2020.

The zip line will be approximately 360m in length, and be a gradient of 7.5 per cent, which the organisers say will provide a "safe but thrilling ride".

They say riders will be treated to unique views of the bay, city centre and beyond.

The attraction is planned to start construction in June, and open on 9th July. It plans to open between 11:30 and 19:30 every day through the summer, and on weekends for the rest of the year.