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Bursary changes mean less Cardiff Uni students are receiving financial help

The household income limit has been lowered by £7000

Cardiff University has made changes to their bursary scheme, meaning bursaries are now only provided to those with a household income under £35,000 instead of the previous amount of £42,000.

The change occurred between the entry years 2018 and 2019, leaving many students thankful they did not apply a year later as they would not be eligible for financial aid.

One student commented that they were "really worried about money" before they came to uni and "the bursary alleviated that stress".

The student went on to add that "it made my summer rent payment a lot more comfortable. I couldn't have managed that without it".

This student, who is now in their second year, would not have been eligible for the bursary under the new changes.

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Additional information is available on the university website

A Cardiff University spokesperson told The Cardiff Tab:

"We are continually reviewing our provision to students. The change in bursary threshold was made in light of the Diamond Review and as part of the University’s ongoing review of its fee and access plan.

"Changes to the bursary have enabled the University to invest in other areas of support for our students. For example, we have increased our Financial Assistance Programme ‘Hardship Fund’ to aid students with unexpected financial crises.

"In addition, since 2018 we have created 3 new bursary schemes aimed at vulnerable student groups.

"The lower threshold for bursary household income only affects new students. Continuing students are not affected."

In response to this, another student commented that "it doesn't seem fair that had I come later, I would've struggled significantly more just living, let alone finding a place to live next year".

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