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We’ve been all over and discovered the best and worst toilets on Cardiff uni campus

Spoiler alert: They’re all gross

Toilets, we all use them, we all need them. So when you're running between the ASSL, Bute and Sir Martin Evans, you will encounter toilets on campus at some point. Trust us when we say that 9 times out of 10, it is an unpleasant experience.

We have done your dirty work for you (yes, pun intended) and rated nearly all toilets on Cathays Campus.

Bute Building

Toilet roll and tiny cubicles? Standard.

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It can only get better from here right? Wrong.


Somewhat clean, a little outdated – a good way to describe a lot of Cardiff uni to be honest.

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Dunno about you but filling our water bottles up in this toilet isn't our first choice

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Has anyone actually used this?

John Percival

Downstairs? Awful. Upstairs? Even worse.


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May look prettier, but good luck trying to get even a square of toilet roll


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WHO thought orange doors would be okay?

Main Building

As far as the toilets at Cardiff uni go, these are actually alright.

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Out of order? Obviously

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For anyone that is confused, yes, that is a sign telling you to put toilet roll in the TOILET ?


One tip of advice, the higher you go up in floors, the worse they get. The top floor toilets are dire. Exhibit A as proof.

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We all love a bit of mould, right?


Okay, so, we are JUST as confused as you are.


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Just, what?

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The men's are exactly the same??? Is that carpet?? Is it SAFE to put carpet in a men's toilet??

Taly Sports Centre

Disgusting. Nothing else to say here.

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Do these get cleaned?!

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Sir Martin Evans

We have to say that these might be some of the nicest toilets at Cardiff uni. The biomed students must be proud x

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No toilet roll on the floor?! Wooowww

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Are these… clean?

Psychology / Tower

Nothing to write home about, they are what they are.

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They'll do

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Bit of a snuggle at the sink

Law and Politics

They're… okay.

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Queens Building

Queens has four floors and only two have women's toilets on? Interesting…

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Green? Hmm, okay

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Why do women ALWAYS have to walk further than men to the toilet??


So, apparently Journalism are treated to their own private cubicle? Fancy.

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We love to see it

Last, but definitely not least, the toilets we probably all go into the most:

Students' Union

Serious question though, have you ever used these sober?

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Glowing because they know they're the most loved

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This is the most empty we have EVER seen them!

There you go everybody, the toilets of Cardiff Uni. Told you that they're all a bit gross.

Disclaimer: written by a cis-gendered straight female so all opinions are from these experiences.

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