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A Cardiff student was so drunk he thought he met Paul Chuckle in Live Lounge

One too many doubles maybe?

Ifan, a first year Business Information Systems student at Cardiff Met and his friend Steffan, a second year Photo Journalism student at USW thought they met Paul Chuckle at Liveys last night.

Ifan was so elated, he had to tweet it saying "was such a pleasure to meet you in Live Lounge tonight in Cardiff… People say don't meet your heroes, but I'm glad I met mine".

Unfortunately for Ifan, it wasn't Paul Chuckle nor does the gentleman resemble him at all. Perhaps Ifan just had one too many double vodkas.

If the photo doesn't already tell you that Paul Chuckle wasn't actually out in Liveys last night, then the fact Paul's tweet in reply will.

But Ifan's dreams aren't over yet, as although the gentleman isn't Paul Chuckle, one tweeter suggested another iconic face.

Perhaps Wilson stayed at home for Jim to have a good night with the lads?