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These are the best and cheapest places to eat on campus

No more boring packed lunches

Cardiff uni's buildings have changed so much over the years, with many cafes popping up or good coffee shops in walking distance. So, we've found out the best places to get a decent priced meal on campus.

Kicking it off with most spenny to cheapest, here's the best places:

#5 Hoffi Coffi

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Rydw i'n hoffi Hoffi Coffi!

Probably one of the only Welsh phrases you knew before coming to Wales. Hoffi Coffi lives up to its iconic name by serving great coffee with some delicious and fresh sandwiches and pastries. The food is a bit more on the pricier of our list but is good value for money. You can grab a large cappuccino for only £2.60 and and a tea for as little as £1.75. You can't go wrong with this beloved coffee shop.

#4 The Falafel House

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You don't go to Cardiff if you've never been here before

If you feel like eating something a bit more on the healthier side, The Falafel House is the perfect place to go. Located in the SU on the ground floor, The Falafel House has a range of food options, with one of their most popular food items being the 'falafel and guacamole pita bread' for £5.70. Or if you're looking to spend less money, they also have wraps starting from £2.50.

They also do some fantastic deals including a hot drink and pastry being only £2.50 on Monday-Friday between 8:30am -11:30am. Also, between 4:30pm -7:30pm you can get a free hot drink when you buy a crêpe. Plus, they deliver, perfect for when you're stuck inside during exam season!

#3 Snack Shack

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Like Burger King, but better

Fancy something greasy without having to trek all the way into town? The Snack Shack has just the thing. They're also located in the SU on the second floor and their meals include a burger, fries and drink for only £4.99! But they don't just serve burgers, they also sell chicken strips for £2.49 and a variety of wraps starting from £2.29.

Missed out on your chance to order after lectures? No worries, Snack Shack also serve their food at YOLO!

#2 Julian Hodge

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One of the most aesthetic and underrated places to eat on campus, this hidden away cafeteria is located near Aberconway Halls in The Julian Hodge Building and definitely has the best hot food available out of all the uni buildings.

Serving stir-fry that you can customise yourself for £5.10 and 'Afternoon Tea' with Fair Trade cup of tea and a slice of cake for only £3.00. Another bonus is that they do a 10 per cent student discount on hot drinks between 7:30am -9am, the perfect way to start your day.

#1 John Percival

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The holy grail of our guide, the JP cafe is definitely the cheapest and best place to eat on the entire Cardiff University campus.

Not only is it in a convenient location to most of the uni buildings, but their food is affordable and tasty. You can make your meal as big or small as you like, with a soup being only £1.60 and their sandwich meal deals starting from £1.90 and only going up to £3.50. They also have a large choice of hot and cold foods, and they promote eco-friendliness by selling reusable metal straws and hot drink flasks, big up sustainable living.

Also, it is useful to remember that most libraries now have boiling water taps and microwaves! So, just in case you don't have the spare cash for lunch at a cafe, you can still have hot food and drinks by making the most of what is available at the library.

Next time you're on campus, why don't you spice up your lunch time by trying one of these five places?