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A housing complex in Cathays was broken into by a gang last night

Five men are thought to have been arrested

Last night Police were called to a disturbance at May Street Gardens, just off Cathays terrace after residents woke to the sound of shouting and screaming. Other Cathays residents also reported hearing a helicopter hovering throughout the night, until around 5am this morning.

A May Street Gardens resident told The Cardiff Tab :

"Me and my partner woke up at about 1.40am to loads of shouting and screaming right outside our window, which was a worry because we live in a gated community. We realised someone had hopped the fence and was fighting. The whole complex then woke up, and started ringing the police because we could hear smashing and we thought it was the car park out the back. "

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The garden fence of the house has been ripped down and the glass doors shattered

They continued:

"It turns out it was this gang breaking into a house next to the complex and once the police arrived they started hiding in our complex. They had baseball bats and metal poles with them. The police are coming to talk to us today. We had police dogs and everything in our garden. "

South Wales Police are yet to confirm the exact events, but shared a tweet this morning urging Cathays residents to make sure to securely lock their doors and windows.

So far it appears that no residents were hurt in the break in, but a witness suspects there to be damage to properties within the complex, and described the ordeal as "scary". This comes after the same complex experienced two car break-ins, and two bike thefts late last year.

A witness stated she believes at least five people have been arrested, but South Wales police are yet to confirm this, saying only that the investigation is ongoing.