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This is how to spot a Welsh girl during the Six Nations

Rugby is king, and we are the queens


It's almost like Welsh girls have created their own 'rugby style' which each and every one us sports throughout the entire Six Nations. No judging here, because I am definitely a part of this clan, and proud. On game day, we are out in full force to support our boys no matter what the weather. "Cymru am byth" (Wales forever).

But just in case you couldn't tell already, here are a few of our distinctive features which will help you spot us Welsh girls on the all important game day.

We'll be wearing the classic combo of black jeans, a rugby jersey and black boots

This lush combination is never actually planned, it's obviously hardwired in every Welsh girls brain. In February, its normally freezing so I guess that explains the black boots. The jersey is a must in order to show which team we're supporting, as if it's not obvious anyways.

We'll have a red glittery painted dragon on one cheek (or both if we're feeling especially patriotic)

Every Welsh girl knows that face paint is a must on game day, an essential part of the rugby style. The dragon is a symbol of power and victory, and therefore acts as a reminder to our opponents of Welsh greatness. As for the glitter, that's just a bit of Welsh girl sparkle we like to use for extra lushness.

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The Prince of Wales toilets = a classic photo opportunity

The Welsh flag wrapped around our shoulders

Although this may seem like a simple patriotic gesture, the Welsh flag doubles up as an extra layer to keep us warm for those open roof games. Tactical, I know. We Welsh girls know what we're doing.

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We will probably be shouting at our mates

Welsh girls + booze + rugby = a lot of shouting.

We're either shouting at a mate to hurry up, stop chopsing to a group of boys, or to get us a drink. The next minute, we'll all be having a cwtch.

One big yellow daff on our head

As corny as it may seem to any English passers-by, a daffodil is an important Welsh emblem, and so we honour it by making sure everyone in the city can see it. The humble daffodil symbolises optimism, and can be seen on hundreds of Welsh heads hoping for the win. We don't care how silly we look, distracting the opposition is the main goal of these yellow beauties.

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We'll be wearing a full glam face of make-up because game day is on par with a wedding for us

The Six Nations is one of the most important parts of our year, and we won't let anything get in our way. We dress to impress every February. Red flag, red jersey, red lipstick. It's fair to say, we go the extra mile when it comes to rugby.

We'll either be chugging a double pint of Dark Fruits or Bulmers Red Berry

"I'll ave a du-ble dark frewts plea-us"

The double pint is a lifesaver as it means less trips to the bar, which is always rammed on game day. Again, we're not stupid. Our drink of choice is normally something sweet and fruity, just like us x

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You'll definitely hear us singing or chanting something

You might hear the girly Wales chants in the street that go something like "Way-uls, Way-uls, Way-uls" (we love to show off our accents if you haven't already noticed). Hymns and arias, are another game day favourite of ours. But for the full-on Welshies, you may hear a few snippets of Calon Lan as you walk towards the stadium.

Don't worry, we're just practicing for the proper concert in the game, which are sometimes sung by the Welsh male voice choirs, which always melt our hearts because every Welsh girl has a Grandad in the choir.

We're all lovely really, we just get very excited on game day. We definitely won't be having a quiet one, thats for sure. Look out for us this February, unless Wales lose. Then every single Welsh girl will be tamping, fuming, and raging.