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People were stuck in a St David’s lift for 30 MINUTES as it ‘flew up and down’

One of the lifts in St David’s ‘flew up and down’ on Saturday with 13 people in it

On Saturday evening, firefighters had to rescue 13 people from St David's shopping centre in Cardiff city centre after they got stuck in a lift. The shoppers were stuck in the lift for 30 minutes as it terrifyingly 'flew up and down.'

Shopping centre bosses have apologised for this incident and have confirmed that the fault with the lift was being investigated. The lift had been taken taken out of service and repairs were being carried out after the incident.

Miss Jones, a shopper who was trapped in the lift has said: "We all got in and I noticed that there was nothing on the digital bit which shows what floor you're on. We just kept flying up, and then there were occasions where we dropped down to the floor.

"It was a state of complete panic. I didn't think we would get out alive, especially when we couldn't get any mobile signal."

A South Wales Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said: "We obtained the lift keys and the people inside were released safely."

Additionally, St David's shopping centre said it recognised the event was a "distressing experience" and would "offer a gesture of goodwill" for those involved.

Safe to say I will be avoiding the lifts for a bit…

Image credit: Seth Whales, from Wikimedia Commons