Cardiff University named as one of the top LGBT+ employers in the UK

Cardiff is also the UK’s top university for LGBT equality in the workplace

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Cardiff University has been named again as one of the UK's top LGBT+ employers. Stonewall, a charity that campaigns for LGBT+ equality named Cardiff in 11th place in their annual list of the top 100 LGBT+ and trans employers.

This marks the fourth year of Cardiff University being at the top of Stonewall's yearly ranking, and they have risen three places since last year.

Cardiff University are the top educational institution to make it in to the top 100 LGBT+ employers in eleventh place. Additionally, the University of Wales has also made it to the rankings at number 43 and Cardiff Metropolitan University have joined the list for the first time in 95th place.

The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University follow just behind Cardiff at 20 and 22 in the rankings. Swansea is also in Stonewall's rankings as the 47th LGBT+ employer in the UK.

Cardiff University has been particularly commended for its inclusive curriculum project to more departments, including the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies and the School of Engineering. It also has sexual orientation and gender identity champions on its executive board, who are being mentored by members of the staff LGBT network.

Vice Chancellor Colin Riordan has said:

"I am absolutely delighted we’ve risen to 11th place in the Stonewall Top 100 list. The success is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of many members of staff across the University and a visible statement to prospective and current staff and students that LGBT equality really matters."

Meanwhile, Chair of ENFYS, Cardiff University’s staff LGBT+ network, Karen Cooke said:

"To feature at number 11 in the Top 100 out of 445 organisations is an achievement that everyone who wears their rainbow lanyard, puts up their Friends of ENFYS sign, supports colleagues and students or is able to be themselves at work should be proud of.

"I want to particularly thank our student LGBT+ officers and student LGBT+ community who we have the pleasure to work with and are as much a part of this success as our staff are."

Hopefully Cardiff University will continue to rise in the rankings for 2020.