St Mary Street evacuated by police after ‘incident’

There is no word yet as to the cause of evacuation

A large part of St Mary Street in Cardiff has been evacuated by police responding to an "incident".

The closed off area stretches from Oxfam to House of Fraser, and the Morgan Arcade has also been closed off with no one permitted to enter.

Staff have been evacuated from shops and bollards have been put in place with police warning people to stay clear of the middle of the street. Residents of the street have also been ordered to leave their homes.

One eyewitness stated that there were "at least 20 police. People were being evacuated from McDonald's and other shops. Police were shouting to people to move off street. About half of the street is taped off."

Update 17:07

According to Wales Online, police have said to of received information of threats in a city centre hotel. They said "threats had been made to people in a city centre hotel".

Further updates to follow.