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The inevitable trials and tribulations of living in a Cathays house

Mould, rats, broken everything. All round luxury…

Oh Cathays. The social hub you are dying to live in by the end of your first year. If you didn’t realise you were there by the distinct landmarks such as Family Fish and T&As, you can definitely recognise the unique scent of VKs, kebab shops and rotting waste from afar. But surely it can’t get worse than the prison cell you once called home in Taly? I mean what could possibly go wrong this year?

Let’s start with the inevitable mould

Yes, that would be the black mould that unsurprisingly wasn’t there when you viewed the property back in January, but so miraculously happened to develop over the summer, just before you moved in. Who knew you could have so much black mould in one property? On the ceiling, on the walls, on the floor, under the sofa covers, in the cupboards, EVERYWHERE.

It's always nice to see that the clothes you put in your wardrobe have turned green. And there is literally nothing you can do about it. The landlords tell you it's simply because you aren’t opening your windows enough in rainy, cold Cardiff, and try and persuade you it's nothing to do with the condition of the property. My landlord literally told me I needed to declutter my room. Because apparently excessive make up palettes are a common cause for mould…

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New fashion has hit Cathays, it's called the aged damp look

Everyone loves the temperamental water pipes too

If only mould was the sole thing you had to argue with landlords over. Have you ever tried showering in a shower that doesn’t seem to enjoy maintaining a constant temperature or even have a door? Sometimes it's so hot you feel your skin beginning to peel off, quickly followed by water so cold you could actually become an ice cube. It's not good for the pores.

But count yourself lucky if the water is actually coming out of the shower and not leaking through the ceiling, floor or somewhere else where water just shouldn’t be found. Mopping up water leaking through the roof whilst worrying everything you own may collapse through the ceiling is truly not ideal when you have one million deadlines and the lash to attend.

You actually have to buy your own kitchen essentials

If you think you're moving into a fully kitted out house, don’t be fooled. You literally won't know what to do for the first few days as the only appliance you'll actually have is an oven. There will be no microwave, no kettle, no toaster. I guess at least a table and chairs is necessary right? Apparently not in some houses. The worst part is having to make a cuppa on the hob for the first few days after moving in, until you get organised and manage a house trip to Ikea.

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Life with a kettle is better

Holes in the wall, a perfect passage way for some cute mice

Imagine having holes in the wall so big that you are basically sleeping in the wilderness? You'll literally have nostalgia from that time you went camping for D of E. But you know warmth is overrated, in your Cathays house you'll have to put up with a bit of old fashioned shivering- 10 layers deep in jumpers is the way forward. The holes do become more of a problem though when the mice intrude. Arguably mice aren’t as bad as rats, but have you ever seen so many in broad daylight that they actually look like they're sussing out the property, waiting to rob your house when you’re at your most vulnerable?

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Ratatouille is real guys

Forgetting your keys will become the bane of your life

Locking yourself out of your bedroom or house and paying £40 to get back in because the letting agency isn’t available to come down? Frequent.

Imagine, it's 6am, and having just had a shower after a big night boozing, you realise you've locked everything you own in your bedroom leaving you with nothing but a towel. It’s okay, the landlord will help right? Not at 6am they won’t. Or anytime for that matter. You will have to stand in your towel whilst some man is ready to charge you half your student loan for five seconds of fiddling with your lock.

Cathays bin day

Need I comment.

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Seagulls are everyones' worst nightmare on bin day

Bad Neighbours

Now this is definitely not a problem for all, but for those it affects, it is seriously inconvenient. Living next to a permanent resident who reports all noise disturbances regardless of the hour, is nothing short of infuriating. Receiving an ASBO for being a bit noisy is also not something you aimed to achieve at university. It is however definitely a story to tell.

Ultimately, Cathays student life is unique. After all, what would life be without experiencing all the mice, mould, debt and bin days. We love it all really.