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The Taf now have their own gin menu and we are all over it

Gordon’s for £2? Let’s have it

The nation is obsessed with gin and as if we couldn't get more obsessed with the sweet taste of a G&T, Cardiff Students' Union has now made us love the trendy beverage even more.

The much loved Cardiff Students' Union pub, The Taf, has listened to our silent prayers and over the summer, it has revamped its bar menu and unveiled a brand new gin menu as part of this.

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Prices range from £2 – £5 and they have a special double shot and tonic offer on Mondays.

Following the footsteps of many other much loved student hangouts such as Spoons and Gassy Jacks, The Taf now offers multiple different flavours of gin to tantalise all tastebuds in The Diff.

From rhubarb and ginger, to Bakewell gin, the new menu is set to be success following the hype for flavoured gins across the UK.

And as if that wasn't enough, as always, The Taf's prices are student friendly, with some of the new gin inspired drinks costing as little as £2. Whilst other more extravagant concoctions cost half of what they would elsewhere in the city at a bargain £4.

So forget Dark Fruits, expect us to be getting pink-gin drunk in The Taf from now on.