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Cardiff student confronts Katie Hopkins telling her to ‘get out of Wales’ because nobody wants her here

Reg Phillips stopped Katie in her tracks when he told her she wasn’t welcome in Cardiff

With her hugely controversial views and infamous antics, Katie Hopkins is often subject to a lot of negative attention. And this Tuesday, the ex-CBB finalist was in Cardiff city centre trying to ask passers-by about the Welsh language.

Hopkins has previously criticised the Welsh language and Wales for the standards of education in the region and tweeting comments against Welsh language schools in Wales. However, what she did not anticipate was that Cardiff student Reg Phillips would stand up to her.

Reg, an undergraduate at the Cardiff School of Art and Design, bluntly interrupted Katie, shouting: "Get out of Wales, nobody in Wales wants you here, nobody in Wales cares about you."

A video showing the footage of the incident reveals Katie's shock as Reg stands up to her, leaving her looking speechless for once.

A Cardiff student has confronted Katie Hopkins, telling her to 'Get out of Wales' because nobody wants her here

Posted by The Tab Cardiff on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Reg told The Tab Cardiff he believes Hopkins is a "beacon of the sort of attitudes that are wholly unwelcome in Cardiff and Wales", and that her "anti-Welsh views are just the tip of the iceberg of her Trump style incitements.

"She has no business challenging the legitimacy of the Welsh language, especially considering the history of England systematically beating the Welsh language out of Wales."

He told The Tab his comments were a way to express Katie is not welcome in Wales, and also highlighted his confrontation was not for fun, but an intentional provocation. Reg said: "We Welsh stand with the immigrants, the homeless, transgender people, the disabled and everyone she incites against."

In the video Katie responds to Reg with petty comments about his ears (as Reg has tunnel stretchers). In a tweet she commented on the incident stating: "I can’t take shouty people seriously when I can see entire shop fronts through their damaged earlobes. Do try harder to find a sane Welsh person @WalesOnline."

Hopkins embarrassingly fell into a trap when researching Welsh language schools, after one Twitter user emailed her a fake story about a Welsh medium school using the names from Gavin and Stacey.

They stated that they were worried parents called Pam and Mick, and that their son Smithy gets bullied for being the only one in his class that can't speak Welsh and gets told off for speaking to his friend Gavin in English.

Katie probably won't be returning to The Diff any time soon.