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The SU is saying that those without coach seats will not be admitted into Varsity despite Arriva being fine with students taking the train

Despite Arriva Trains confirming that they will be allowing Varsity students onto their trains

Cardiff Students Union have confirmed that students without a seat on one of the arranged coaches will not be allowed into this years Varsity tournament.

This comes after outrage from students, due to Cardiff University overselling its Varsity tickets, leaving many students without a coach space. A rep for the Students Union has confirmed that anyone using alternative transport, such as the train to get to Swansea, will not be allowed into Sketty Lane due to the venue having reached its capacity.

This has left many students confused as it was not made clear to them that their coach ticket acted as their ticket into Varsity, and many had planned on making their way to Swansea via train.

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Engineering work will effect trains around Cardiff during the coming week

Popular rumours claiming that Varsity Students will not be admitted onto public transport this week have been put to rest after Arriva Trains confirmed that 'We will be pleased to welcome students onto our services as usual for the Varsity tournament in Swansea on Wednesday 25th April.'

However Arriva trains did warn that due to essential engineering work taking place this week, some trains will be cancelled, and those planning to use the train services from Monday 23rd April are advised to double check their bookings.