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40 reasons why Welsh students are better than English students

Because we’re lush

1. We pay less for uni

Our government loves us and pays half of our tuition fee – take that England.

2. We're bilingual

Who doesn't think speaking another language is attractive? That's why we Welsh are the kings and queens of pulling: we're bilingual.

3. We have chips, cheese and curry sauce

Us Welsh are known for our chips, cheese and curry sauce. Not only do our takeaways provide the best chips, cheese and curry sauce someone could want, but you can buy it without everyone else thinking you're weird because they're probably ordering the same thing.

4. Welsh people are known to be more friendly

If you go on a night out in a Welsh town you'll come back with about 10 new friends. The Welsh are renowned for their loveliness.

5. Rugby in Cardiff

Rugby days in Cardiff are absolutely banging. All the clubs are buzzing, everyone's steaming and we're all belting out the Welsh National Anthem. GWLAD! GWLAD!

6. Welsh accents

Say no more.

7. Welsh cakes

Your Welsh housemates probably have a massive stash of Welsh cakes for St. Davids Day (and if they're really Welsh they probably have them all year round). You can indulge in the pastry goodness of the Welsh cake to your hearts content, what more could you want?

8. We have Live Lounge

Open every night until 4am AND it's free entry? Sorry, but us Welshies are winning here with a gem like Livey.

9. Fit rugby players

Leigh Halfpenny, George North, Sam Warburton… I could go on.

10. We have the best Welsh words

Popty ping (microwave), moron (carrot), pysgod wibbly wobbly (jellyfish). Try and find any English words as good as those, go on, just try.

11. Welsh people give the best pet names

If a Welsh person calls you butt, mun or boyo – you're in.

12. Welsh patriotism

There's no doubt about it – Welsh people are the most patriotic. I mean, people will literally wear giant daffodils on their head just to show how much they love Wales.

Looking good

13. Castles, castles, castles

Wales has the most beautiful castles in all of the UK. We get the best cute castle pics for the gram so who's the real winner here?

14. Wales is small

The English might say they're a bigger country and therefore more powerful. Well, since Wales is so small when our butties go home for the weekend they can come back quickly and easily because 70 per cent of the time they live close enough to uni to come back without having to check four train times, buying three different tickets and begging your mum to ask your nan to come over during Easter instead. Bet you hadn't thought of that England.

15. Welsh students can comprehend "now in a minute"

If you don't know, get to know.

16. We have multi-use of the word "yer"

"I can't yer you", "Come yer a minute", "It happened last yer". England must be tired of using all those different words.

17. We have bangers like Sospan Fach, Jac Y Do and Pori Mae Yr Asyn


18. Our Welsh names are absolutely lush

Ffion, Cerys, Seren, Rhiannon, Bronwen, Dafydd, Hywell, Rhys, Llewellyn, Geraint, Huw, Owain, Bryn. Why have a boring name like "Jack" when you can have a name no one can pronounce?

19. We invented the word "lush"

Aw, that's bloody lush tha is.

20. We invented "ych-a-fi!"

England? Ych-a-fi!

21. Welsh people can impress just about anyone by saying that long Welsh word

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. And no, of course I didn't google the spelling.

22. Bonding over Gavin and Stacey

The best thing about being a Welsh student is everyone coming together in the kitchen to binge watch Gavin and Stacey. What do English students even bond over?

23. The Welsh give the best cwtches

How can the English give the best cwtches when they can't even pronounce Cwtch.

24. Welsh people are guaranteed to get you home safe after a night out

We learned our survival skills in Gilwern and Llangranog – what could go wrong?

25. We've probably met Gareth Bale

We probably haven't but our mum's cousin's best friend's dad's work colleague has, sooooo.

26. Our government cares about the environment

I don't see your government charging 5p for plastic bags. Good luck saving the turtles.

27. University of South Wales

This absolute hero of a Welsh uni means that just about anyone can get into uni over here. No, really, literally anyone.

28. You have to pay to get in here

Cough up your £6 boys – the Land of Our Fathers doesn't come cheap.

29. The Welsh make it known when they're angry with you

Nope, we don't sugarcoat like the English. We're tampin fumin ragin!

30. We have the best Welsh celebs

Tom Jones, Catherine-Zeta Jones, Charlotte Church, Katherine Jenkins – and who in their right mind doesn't bloody love Rob Brydon a.k.a Uncle Bryn?

31. We all flock to Porthcawl and Barry Island when it's sunny

Yeah, I get it, England have coasts too. But when us Welsh go to Barry or Porthcawl we end up bumping into 3 of our mates, both our aunties, 5 of our cousins and we might even have a catch up with Ruth Jones.

32. We have chip alley

Chip alley is the ultimate takeaway strip. Do NOT question me.

33. We have the best ways of describing things

Tidy (good), buzzing (disgusting) , hanging (hungover), 'anging (disgusting), dwt (small).

34. We are never chopsy

We are. But we can say we aren't because the English don't know what chopsy means.

35. We have the best flag

There's a dragon on ours. A DRAGON. You've just got some red lines – give your flag designer 10/10 for creativity.

36. We can become best friends with the bus drivers.

Cheers, Drive.

37. We have Derek the weatherman

Do you even know your weathermans name? Didn't think so.

38. We have Daffodils all over the country in Spring

I don't see anyone planting roses all over England.

39. Welsh are stronger than English

We had to survive after the story of Gelert. Nothing phases us now.

40. If all else fails on a night out – we have sheep

You just have to go and cry to your pillow, must be sad.