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Lidl is open, but the Bakery is closed

Give me doughnuts or give me death

The great snowstorm of 2018 has claimed yet another victim, The Tab Cardiff can report. Though the Lidl on Cathays Terrace remains open through these adverse weather conditions, the bakery remains empty, leaving hundreds of hungover students without access to reasonably-priced bread products.

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Additionally, customers are reporting record queues stretching as far back as the milk section as students and residents alike prepare for further days of disruption to travel, work and study.

Those wishing to stock up on necessary supplies and alcohol for the coming days might be advised that a trip to the shops will come with some waiting.

Mared, a third year at Cardiff, said: “This is absolute carnage, I’ve never seen Lidl in such a state and I miss the bakery. I’m proper gutted I couldn’t get a baguette”.