The creepy red ‘IT’ balloons have been spotted around Cardiff uni

Not clowns AGAIN

Earlier this week, red balloons were spotted in Cardiff University Queen's Building, similar to those in the recent remake of 'IT.'

Balloons have also been spotted in other university towns, including Sussex, where balloons were found on Friday the 13th tied to drains.

With Halloween fast approaching and the clown epidemic from last year a distant memory, it was to be expected that a new craze would soon enough emerge to stir terror once more.



Released in September, 'IT' has had huge success in cinemas, and with a terrifying clown as the main feature it is no wonder Pennywise and the iconic red balloons are already making an appearance in Cardiff this October.

Which of course begs the question- who did this?!

My thoughts exactly

My thoughts exactly

Hemingford, a Chemistry fourth year, told the Tab Cardiff: "If I saw these, I'd be terrified and call security. It's a poor attempt at a prank, and about a month late, though."

Who is responsible for these balloons? Are more going to appear? Let's just hope the clown phase is not going to return again.

The Tab Cardiff

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