Everything you need to stop saying to the Welsh during the Six Nations

Seriously, don’t

For Welsh rugby fans, the next two months mark the beginning of one of the greatest rugby tournaments  ever – the Six Nations. It’s a tense time as rivals clash, hearts can be broken and pints are drank, so here’s what not to say or do when you bump into a Welsh fan during the next seven weeks.

Saying “boyo” or “butt” when you’re not Welsh

Just to let you know, we don’t even use these words seriously so when you think we do, you just look stupid.

“You don’t even know the words to your own anthem”

Do people still not understand how passionate us Welsh rugby fans are? Even if we can’t speak Welsh or know the exact words to our anthem, we will still end up singing ours louder than you sing yours.

“Ah great, Alain Rolland is the ref” 

After infamously sending off Sam Warburton with a red card in the semi-final of the 2011 World Cup,  why would any Welsh rugby supporter want to see him refereeing us ever again?

“Face paints are for kids”

Whenever the opportunity for getting a face paint for 50p a cheek arises in front us, we will always accept, no matter our age, gender or whether we have a full face of face paint on already.

“The only good thing about Wales are their kickers” 

Then how come 15 out of the 37 man squad chosen to play for the 2013 British and Irish Lions were Welsh? Exactly.

“I can do a class Welsh accent, listen!”

If you’re in a pub or socialising with a group of Welsh people, do not speak these words. The people you’re with have lived in Wales for the entirety of their lives and have probably come across many different Welsh accents, none of which will sound like the one you are about to attempt.

“You haven’t bought one of them daffodil hats have you?”

Yes actually, I have. You may think I look like a dick but I think it looks pretty epic (plus it might get me on the big screen).

“Alex Cuthbert is so bad, why is he even is the squad?”

Okay so maybe Alex isn’t playing his best rugby at the moment but he has definitely earned his place in the squad over the years. If you need a bit of reminding go and re-watch both tries he scored in our 30-3 victory over England in 2013, then reconsider what you just said.

“Sheep Shagger!” 

“Omg I’m so offended, how dare you”, said no Welsh person ever in reply to this exclamation. It’s not even funny anymore tbh.

“Isn’t Wales in England though?”

No. Just No.

Here is just a little reminder of the dates you should be putting in your diaries (if you’re Welsh of course):

Saturday 11th February 2017 – Wales v England at Principality Stadium, Cardiff 4:50pm – BBC

Saturday 25th February 2017 – Scotland v Wales at BT Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh 2:25pm – BBC

Friday 10th March 2017 – Wales v Ireland at Principality Stadium, Cardiff 8:05pm – BBC

Saturday 18th March 2017 – France v Wales at Stade de France, Paris 2:45pm (GMT) – ITV