Bump and Grind to donate ticket sales to Cardiff homeless charity

Ain’t nothin wrong with that

Bump and Grind have announced they are donating all door receipts from tonight’s Buffalo event to Cardiff homeless charity Huggard.

Huggard tackle homelessness in Cardiff, running a 20 bed hostel all year round. Over the winter months they accommodate over 40 vulnerable individuals a night.

Reacting to the news, Third year Maths student, Lucy, said: “I think it’s very generous that bump and grind have decided to donate their ticket sales to a homeless charity.


“Now that the weather has got much colder, it must be an even more hard time for those living on the streets.

“Bump and Grind usually sells out, so it’s nice to know lots of money will be going to a charitable cause to help those in need”

In a Facebook post, Bump and Grind announced:

“The weathers extra gross today, so every penny we make on the door at Buffalo tonight’ll be donated to the Huggard.

“They help look after homeless people in Cardiff. And we think thats awesome xo”

Photo credits: This Is The End Photography