Four quick and easy Halloween looks for this weekend

Forget the cliche Harley Quinn makeup this October and try out these instead

Halloween celebrations are this weekend and you’ve still got no idea what you’re going to go as. Don’t panic. Spending time on your makeup means you can avoid splashing out on a costume that 20 other girls will also be wearing that night. Also, you’re unlikely to need to buy any new products because it’s all super simple, meaning more money to spend on shots – win.

Winged eyeliner

The first look is the most simple. It’s for those of you who maybe aren’t really in the Halloween spirit, or just don’t have the patience to paint an elaborate skull on your face that’ll only melt off by the end of the night.

First, create a simple black wing with any liquid eyeliner. Then, using some pressed glitter (or get a damp eyeliner brush and use a glitter eye shadow) frame the top of your liner carefully to create a double wing. If it’s not as precise as you imagined then you can outline it with a concealer to clean it up and make it sharp.

Adding some sparkle

Adding some sparkle


If you want to join the litter of girls with their cat ears and matching makeup this Halloween then this next look will be purr-fect.

To transform into a cat all you need is a black eyeliner and a black lipstick. Only use the lipstick on your top lip for the feline look, and bring the smile out wider into a little curve to create the jowls of a kitten. Next, colour the tip of your nose with either of the cosmetics (I used the eyeliner for precision) and join it to your cupids bow. Sweep on some whiskers and little dots above your lip, and you’ll be a woman to cat-woman in under ten minutes.

Cobweb eyeliner

After bringing the wing out a little further than you might usually, draw three or four lines coming from your lower lash line. Connect them with miniature arches and maybe even add a little spider with a black eye pencil. I also added glitter on my inner corner to make it all pop.




The final look is perfect for any Disney fanatic and makes a great talking point. It’s super fun to do and also surprisingly easy.

After contouring or applying bronzer to the edges of your forehead and underneath your cheekbones, randomly dot small spots of a very light concealer over the top. Contour the bridge of your nose, connecting the lines to your eyebrows. Colour the tip of your nose to make it more cartoon like with the contour colour you used on your cheeks and along your nose. When applying eyeliner, bring it down away from your bottom lash line on the inner corner to open up your eyes just like your favourite Disney deer.

Oh deer.

Oh deer.